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Michelle Blackwell Looks Back on 15 Years as Go-Go’s “Leading Lady”

The star talks about choosing between writing original songs and performing covers, and why she never, ever wants to be referred to as a “sexy female singer.”

The King of Bounce Beat: How Polo Brought Go-Go Into the 21st Century

In 2003, the best place to find Polo was onstage at nightclubs across the D.C. area—but if you showed up early to the go-go, you might’ve found him in the parking lot, taking a nap. I first met TCB’s lead talker that year, outside of the old Deno’s Metro Club on Bladensburg Road NE, when [...]

Chuck Brown’s Public Viewing Refuses to Be Rained Out

Chuck Brown’s all-day wake/public viewing at the Howard Theater was rained on yesterday evening, but refused to be rained out.
Around 8 p.m., police began asking the large crowd gathered outside of the venue to disperse because of an impending storm. Vendors packed up their bootleg Chuck Brown t-shirts and fled, as did [...]

Send Us Pictures of You and Chuck Brown

Chuck Brown's manager, Tom Goldfogle, once told me that all of the Godfather of Go-Go's appointments—public performances, quick lunches, doctor's appointments—were padded by at least 20 minutes on either end, because everywhere Chuck Brown went, people stopped him and asked to have a picture taken with him. And Brown never turned down a request.
One thing [...]

Area Code
The term “DMV,” brought to you by the hard work of local rappers. And phone cards.

Thanks to the hard work of both hip-hop pioneers and young upstarts throughout D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, the DMV is now officially on the map. It’s also in the dictionary. The Urban Dictionary—but still.
Most regions with thriving hip-hop scenes have catchy nicknames, but before the whole DMV acronym caught on in the mid-aughts, the greater [...]

Wale: Please Stay Away From Jay-Z

We at Arts Desk have mentioned before that the DMV's own Wale is maybe probably kind of dating Beyonce's little sister Solange. Now, the gossip site, (say what you want about 'em, but they very often get these things right) is reporting that Solange and Wale are house-hunting in Brooklyn. Or at least that [...]

Kato Hammond to Sell

Kevin "Kato" Hammond is in the process of selling his Take Me Out to the Go-Go Website.
Since 1997, Hammond has shared his encyclopedic knowledge of go-go via, which at various times has included a monthly online magazine, a blog, an active message board, and a weekly online radio show that allowed Kato to share [...]

The Best Maxwell Song You Won’t Hear At Tonight’s Maxwell’s Show

Maxwell's BLACKsummers'night tour hits the Verizon Center tonight, and if you're attending, you're almost guaranteed to hear all of your favorite Maxwell hits: "Fortunate" and "Til We Become the Sun" from the old albums; "Bad Habits" and "Pretty Wings" from his comeback disc.  In fact, you may even get an extended version of  "Pretty [...]

Ghostface Lyric or Porno Snippet?

You probably know that Ghostface’s new album, Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City dropped today. You probably also know that, as rap albums go, it's pretty sexually explicit. But just how seedy is it?
It’s so filthy that many of Ghostface’s lines are indistinguishable from the dialogue spoken by some of today’s finest porn stars. [...]

The Tao of Wu

Yesterday I received a preview copy of The Tao of Wu, a “spiritual memoir” in which Wu-Tang Clan producer RZA offers up pearls of wisdom. Actually, since we’re talking about an icon of ‘90s hip-hop here, I should probably say he is dropping gem or blessing us with jewelz or some such thing.
The press materials [...]