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How to Endure a Bad Opening Act

The other day, I beat a few thousand spry college kids to stand at the front of the stage at the Charlottesville, Va., Wilco show. Unfortunately, that was only the first leg of the general-admission triathlon. The second: Maintaining my position–and staying awake–during the monotonous opening act. Though there were times when I wanted [...]

Interview Outtakes: Junior League’s Lissy Rosemont

The other night, Lissy Rosemont of Junior League, the subject of this week's One Track Mind, came over, chain-smoked on my window sill, and explained how her solar-panel-powered house led to songwriting advice from Death Cab for Cutie. (However, she'd only do an interview if I agreed to name her many band-mates: Dale Manning, Devin [...]

Interview Outtakes: The Dance Party’s Mick Coogan

Can you compose catchy keyboard riffs and sing backup? Would you describe yourself as "catted-out?" Then you might be just what The Dance Party is looking for. Details on that and more from my recent One Track Mind interview with lead singer Mick Coogan follow.

You sing about a "zombie rock mistress with jet black lipstick." [...]

Interview Outtakes: Washington Social Club’s Martin Royle

Martin Royle, Washington Social Club's frenetic frontman, has a lot to say about D.C.'s dating scene, comic books, and new additions to the band. Unfortunately, it didn't all fit into this week's One Track Mind column. So, here are some gems I swept up from the cutting-room floor.

In your e-mail, you said that when you [...]