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Tonight: Mountain Music From the Appalachians to the Himalayas

When mandolin player Tara Lynette traveled to Nepal during college, she found people playing eerily familiar songs on banjo- and fiddle-like instruments. "Some of their melodies are almost exactly like old time Appalachian tunes," she says. In 2006, she returned to Nepal with a fiddle-playing friend, eager to jam with the locals. A film crew [...]

The Exit Interview: Lejeune

How bad is the drummer shortage in D.C.?
So bad that when one percussionist leaves, three bands call it quits. At least, that was the case when Greg Gendron decamped for Japan last March. His departure spelled the end for Lejeune, The Courtesans, and Secret Pop Band—three long-running groups that regularly played at the Black Cat [...]

Tonight: Matthew Hemerlein at U Street Music Hall

The first time I saw Matthew Hemerlein perform, I thought he had some major nervous tics. As he chatted with the audience, his hands ranged over his violin, thumping on the fingerboard, plucking strings on the wrong side of the bridge. But as Hemerlein launched into his performance, I realized he was recording the entire [...]

Free at the Hirshhorn Tonight: A Digital Composer Takes on Real Instruments

How did you spend your summer vacation? Minimalist composer Richard Chartier spent his in the basement of the Museum of American History. For three months, starting in June, Chartier recorded the "Grand Tonometer," a four-octave instrument built by German physicist Rudolf Koenig from 1870 to1875. Recording each of the instrument's 660 tuning forks from strike [...]

Oscillate Mildly: Arthur Harrison, Noted Rockville Thereminist, Is Happy Busking

Oscillate Mildly
His steampunk days could be behind him, but noted
Rockville thereminist Arthur Harrison is happy busking
By Sadie Dingfelder
It’s a Thursday night at the Black Cat, and aloof 20-somethings in shapeless shirts and skinny jeans are leaning against the bar, angling for drinks. They are temporarily out of luck: The bartender is deep in conversation with [...]

With Wicked Liquid, Local Musicians Hope for Real World Fame

The Real World DC premiered last night to mixed reviews, but that hasn't discouraged three local musicians who are hoping to gain some national attention from the 23rd season of the MTV phenomenon.
"I've never watched The Real World before this year," said Will Whitney, a Takoma Park native and the drummer for Real World cast [...]

Tonight: Real World D.C. Premiere Party with Wicked Liquid

It's your last chance to meet the D.C. Real World cast before it ascends to the plane of reality celebrity. The Real World premiere party is tonight at Tattoo Bar, and for just $5.00 (or $20, for "VIP" access) you can watch the premier alongside cast member Josh Colon. Of course, if you're an aspiring [...]

The “Real World” Cast: D.C.’s New Indie-Rock Darlings?

Even if you somehow failed to notice the half-dozen men toting shoulder-mounted cameras, it was patently obvious that something was amiss at last night's Rock and Roll Hotel show. For one thing, no one had ever heard of the headlining band, Wicked Liquid, though two of D.C.'s big crowd getters, Once Okay Twice and Politicks, [...]

Sharks Like Soul Music

I recently reported that monkeys like Metallica. In continuing animal-music news, it turns out that Barry White puts sharks in the mood for love.
Workers at a London aquarium played Barry White for a reluctant zebra shark named Zorro, and it was so effective, Zorro's violent and amorous overtures to other sharks apparently disturbed some visitors.

Study Finds Metal Soothes Monkeys

If you want to mellow out a monkey, play him some Metallica.
That's the surprising result of a new study by Charles Snowdon, a
University of Wisconsin-Madison psychology professor. The researchers played clips of music— including Metallica's
"Of Wolf and Man," Nine Inch Nails', "The Fragile," Tool's "The
Grudge," and Barber's "Adagio for Strings"—for cotton-top tamarins.