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The Sleigher: Lilys, “Good King Wenceslas”

HO HO WHO?: D.C.-rooted indie-pop shape-shifters Lilys, semifamous for sounding like The Kinks and soundtracking '90s commercials. This Christmas song has been bouncing around for years now, but it cropped up again on Highline Records' recent Festivus 2 compilation.
O CHRISTMAS TWEE: Usually an annoying twee tic, the doubled, slightly off-key vocals make perfect sense in the context of a [...]

Can Art Augment Diplomacy? Takeaways From the Art In Embassies Gala

The presidential inauguration is still a month away, but D.C.'s liberal establishment got an early start last week, while celebrating the Art in Embassies 50th anniversary. A week of performances and installations—including an exploding pine tree on the National Mall—culminated in a big party in the atrium of the National Portrait Gallery Friday night.
No doubt [...]

Bows Are So Hot Right Now: Dispatches from Hello Kitty for President and Decoy at The Fridge

Take it from me. Bows are going to be huge this season.
I’m basing this on two events I checked out Saturday night: The opening of street artist Decoy’s new exhibit at the Fridge and a VIP party at the Hello Kitty for President headquarters.
Yes, Hello Kitty, the Japanese cartoon character, has thrown her giant pink [...]

Where Am I Rocking? The D.C. Rock Venue Decision Tree!

It’s a confusing time to be a D.C. concert-goer. The Fillmore Silver Spring has invaded the established order. DIY spaces flicker and fade like so many lightning bugs. Perhaps you’ve had one too many drinks. If you find yourself at a rock concert and you can’t remember where exactly you are, this might help.

Illustration by [...]

Data/Fields at Artisphere: A Celebration of Synesthesia

A tip for visitors to "Data/Fields," a new exhibit at Artisphere: The Mark Fell piece, "Tone Pattern Transactuality," does not respond to movement. I looked like a fool dancing in front of the projection screen in an attempt to change the pitch of the mosquito swarm buzzing through my headphones. The curator, Richard Chartier, gently [...]

Olivia Mancini’s Future: Part-Time Social Worker, Full-Time Musician

When local indie-pop singer Olivia Mancini decamped to New York last fall, it seemed as if D.C. had lost yet another artist to that giant creativity magnet to the north. Not so, says Mancini, who is playing at the Black Cat on Friday with her band, The Mates. She swears she is just there to [...]

Angklung Players of the World, Unite!

Right now, a hall in the Indonesian Embassy is filled with boxes containing a total of 5,000 angklungs—an ancient Indonesian instrument that, when played en masse, might remind you of your elementary school bell choir. On Saturday at 4 p.m., Indonesian Embassy officials will hand them out on the National Mall just north of the [...]

Does Go-Go Hurt Property Values?

Earlier this week, WAMU's DCentric blog interviewed me about my story about punk and go-go shows. In that piece, I reported that it took Eckington residents a year to shut down a punk venue, and just a week to quash a go-go show, as WAMU's Anne Hoffman nicely summarizes it.  And that conversation got me thinking: [...]

Stick-Up Artists: Meet Inkognito, D.C.’s Youngest, Brashest Wheatpaste Crew

Generally, it’s a bad idea to return to the scene of your crime.
It’s also inadvisable to allow a videographer to tail you, or to let passersby take your picture. But don’t tell that to the street art duo known as Inkognito.
“Most people go out at like 3 or 4 a.m.; we do it at, like, [...]

A Tale of Two Warehouses: Life in Eckington Is Harder for a Go-Go Space Than a Punk Venue

The hardcore band Sick Fix’s last show was a disaster.
On Feb. 16, the group was booked along with four other bands at Hole in the Sky, an Eckington group house and show space that’s become a fixture of the local punk circuit. Toward the end of Sick Fix’s set, police showed up, and when the [...]