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A Torah of Mystery: How the True Story of a Crooked Rabbi Made It to the Stage

How a playwright adapted the story of a crooked Maryland rabbi for the stage

Silly Masks, Serious Ideas: Faction of Fools’ Don Juan Opens Tonight

The question on Matthew R. Wilson's mind is "What is the game?"
When adapting a play, the director starts by identifying key themes. Then, he says, the question is, "OK how do we physicalize that? What's the game of that?" He means it somewhat literally: The director, who helms the new Faction of Fools production of Don [...]

The Anacostia Playhouse’s Latest Bureaucratic Nightmare

Can't the Anacostia Playhouse catch a break?
Last week the playhouse's chief operating officer, Julia Robey Christian, went public on Twitter about the latest in a long line of bureaucratic hurdles that have threatened the theater since construction began last winter. According to Robey Christian, she and her mother, playhouse CEO Adele Robey, are unable to apply for [...]

With Broke-ology, Anacostia Playhouse Opens for Business

It's six hours before the first preview of Broke-ology at the Anacostia Playhouse and I'm sitting on the plush red couch at center stage. The couch's ultimate destiny, I'm told by Theater Alliance Artistic Director Colin Hovde, will be to grace a corner in his still-empty office upstairs. Hovde and Chief Operating Officer Julia Robey [...]

Perfect Arrangement at Source Festival, Reviewed

Perfect Arrangement feels like something Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy might star in if they were alive today. In this witty new comedy, playwright Topher Payne tackles the very timely issue of same-sex marriage with old-school charm. Populated with dapper gents and perfectly coiffed ladies, Perfect Arrangement feels reminiscent of black and white Hollywood romantic comedies [...]

The Continuum of Collaboration, Explained

Devised theater can raise questions that traditional theater rarely has to face.
For instance: There is no question that Henrik Ibsen is the author of Hedda Gabler. Nor is there any dispute that Michael Kahn gets the final say on creative decisions. But when a group of people get together to make a new show, who [...]

Lake Untersee at Source Festival, Reviewed

Lake Untersee is the journey of a boy named Rocky. But before you get visions of a journey up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and beatdowns in the ring, know that this boy is closer to the very strange, enchanted sort. His journey is fascinating, engaging, confusing, and ultimately unsatisfying.
Playwright Joe Waechter [...]

Theater J’s The Hampton Years Looks at Black/Jewish Relationships

Culturally specific theater offers a different experience to different audience members. It can make viewers reconsider their assumptions about others, and perhaps even their own identity. The same can be true even for the playwrights who make culturally specific work.
It's a process familiar to the creators of Theater J's current Locally Grown offering, The Hampton Years. [...]

Stage of Development: In Its New Home, the Anacostia Playhouse Finds a New Mission

How to Build an Arts District
If You Build It, Who Will Come?
Stage of Development
What to Expect at LUMEN8 2013
Anacostia's Arts Scene Is Growing

A month after the Anacostia Playhouse was originally slated to open, the city’s newest theater is finally starting to look like one.
Julia Robey Christian, the venue’s chief operating officer as well as the [...]

Theatre Lab’s Mother/Daughter Directing Team Tackles August: Osage County

Disagreement is a natural part of any collaborative creative process. With most theatrical productions, the creative team works toward a director's vision for the play. As such, the buck stops with the director when creative disagreements arise.
The August: Osage County that opened last night for a three-night run at the Theatre Lab School of the [...]