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Bill Campbell’s Satire Koontown Killing Kaper Takes Racial Stereotypes to Extremes

It took Bill Campbell six weeks to write his latest novel, Koontown Killing Kaper.
“I was listening to an NPR report about ghetto lit and how it represents 80 percent of books written for and about African-Americans,” says Campbell. “That’s just so extreme. It’s either write ghetto lit or go to Stockholm and win the Nobel Prize. After that [...]

DC Shorts, Showcase 2: Voodoo (and Good Acting) Cures Everything

Short reviews of films from this year's DC Shorts Film Festival
Apart from Happy Voodoo, the movies in Showcase 2 don’t revolve around the supernatural. Though all of them rely on the simple, tested formula of people and plot. The Lonely Pair and The Queen of My Dreams, in particular, embody the power of having two people on screen [...]

Midnight Train to Georgia Avenue: Musicians Audition for Metro

Minister D was sitting on a bench, next to a sketch of Rihanna leaning against the wall. Around him, his fellow musicians tuned their guitars and took deep breaths, preparing to audition for a chance to perform at the entrances of Metro stations. Like many of his peers, he didn't seem to mind that winning came [...]

Listen Local First Takes Issue With Metro’s Call for Non-Busking Performers

For the most part, musicians in D.C. have the same opportunities to make a living as their peers in other cities. One notable exception: They can't busk in the Metro.
They can, however, perform at Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority station entrances from time to time as part of the agency's Art in Transit program. They just [...]

Design Within Reach: Did a Local Theater Troupe Rip Off Its Set?

Kenneth Collins, the artistic director of New York theater group Temporary Distortion, wrote and directed a play called Americana Kamikaze that had its fully staged premiere in 2009. Over the next two years, the troupe mounted the video-heavy work at festivals in France, Australia, the Czech Republic, Seattle, and elsewhere.
But in 2012, to hear Collins [...]

Chuck Brown Tributes in D.C. This Weekend

We're still waiting on details about funeral arrangements for the late Chuck Brown, so why not start the reception early? This weekend, it won't be hard to encounter a Chuck memorial around town. Here are a few places to raise a glass to the godfather of go-go.
Tonight, Eden Lounge throws a tribute party on its rooftop. [...]

Would You Like Fries With Your Performance Art?

From the start, art doyenne Philippa Hughes has said she's all about making art accessible. The only problem with making arts accessible via art party, of course, is that people still must elect to go to the art party.
Evangelizing for performance art might be even tougher. Or at the very least, Hughes says, the form [...]