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One Track Mind: Wayna, The Expats

Standout Track: No. 7, "Freak Show," which, much like the carnival attraction, highlights both the fantastic and the grotesque in a personal reflection from the Grammy-nominated vocalist Wayna. Following the narrative of a little girl—or "little freak"—coming to terms with peer rejection, the lush, opulent song sounds occasionally unnatural in its layers.
Musical Motivation: "I wanted [...]

DC to BC: Yes, Trillectro Is a Local Festival, Too

Half of the lineup booked for tomorrow’s Trillectro music festival represents the D.C. area. But it’s not clear whether the festival’s target audience knows that.
“If you go online you'll see that people don't think there's a lot of talent from D.C. on the bill,” says Quinn Coleman (aka DJ Spicoli), a member of the promotion [...]