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DMV Hip Hop Round-up

New Wale Single, DC Graffiti, DMV Awards, Lyriciss and more!

X.O. – Realmatic

Realmatic is the latest collection of material by DC's own Hip Hop upstart and my nominee for the City Paper Best of DC 2009 Local Hip Hop Artist: X.O. For the unfamiliar, the kid from uptown Georgia Ave has been tearing up the scene like pro for a few years now dropping a series of [...]

Hip Hop Cinema Cafe

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With the contracting economy showing no signs of a quick turnaround this decade, you have to wonder how hip hop is going to cope with the shifts in spending, sponsorship, and the distribution of bling. The days of no-cover open-bar parties featuring your favorite [...]

Almost Def

By 8 p.m. last night, the internets were going nuts with rumors about Mos Def not showing up for the first of his two Monday night shows at the 9:30 Club. Tweets and Facebook status updates were blowing up with reports of a long wait between opening act Hezekiah and the arrival of Dante Beze [...]

Can a Sista Rock a Mic?

The 4th Annual Can a Sista Rock a Mic? Festival kicks off this Wednesday at Bohemian Caverns. The four-day festival features Alison Carney, Emily King, Liv Warfield, Yazarah and a number of other hip-hop, spoken word, R&B, and electronica artists with shows and events all over town. In addition to empowering the sistas on the [...]

Local Hip-Hop Producer Events

With a number of globally recognized artists, a steady supply of used records, and a few emerging institutions, the D.C. area is becoming a hot spot for hip-hop producers. Here are a few events worth checking out in the coming weeks:
King Tubby's Dub Foundation will be hosting a workshop taught by local legend Zach McGant, [...]

Junkyard Band Live in Bangor

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DJ Stylus just sent me this, and I couldn't resist sharing this clip of Junkyard Band rocking at the American Folk Festival in Bangor, Maine. Pay special attention to the old lady in the front row around :51
New England! Ruff it off...

Free the Mixtape

While the recording industry is busy lamenting the death of their business model at the hands of the Internet, a number of local hip-hop artists have found a way turn this market threat into an opportunity. Free download mixtapes (which are neither mixed nor on tape, discuss...) have been catapulting artists such as Wale, Ra [...]

Bad Brains Return to D.C.

Chris Harris at is reporting that Bad Brains will make their triumphant return to D.C., performing with their original lineup, at the 9:30 Club on election night 2008. Details have yet to be announced via IMP, but this is sure to be an incredible night. Build a Nation!
It will be the first time in [...]

GW Cancels Girl Talk show

Nathan Grossman at the is reporting that George Washington University has canceled next week's Fall Fest appearance by mashup champion Girl Talk. Apparently there were concerns over security and on-stage antics. No word on a replacement act or legal ramifications:
the University cited security and safety issues as one of the reasons for pulling out [...]