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How Accurate Is Pitch Perfect? We Asked D.C.-Area A Cappella Singers.

Three members of championship-winning Pitch Slapped dish on how they prepare and what they do backstage.

Highlights From Friday’s Parks and Recreation Shoot in D.C.

Last Friday afternoon, with the Parks and Recreation crew in town to film scenes for an episode in which Leslie Knope and her team travel to D.C., bored office drones flocked to Twitter to chatter about the whereabouts of the skeletal crew and cast.
Relying on intel from @ParksandRecinDC and the D.C. Film Office, I tracked [...]

Benefit of the Scout

With the close of its first season two Sundays ago on HBO, Veep—Armando Iannucci’s heroically profane comedy about the vice presidency—achieved a feat few television shows about Washington can claim: It’s pretty damned good. But it does have something in common with its D.C.-set forebears. For the most part, Veep was filmed elsewhere.
When the Veep [...]

Screen on the Green: What You’ll See and When to Pee

People love their Screen on the Green—so much so that, when it looked like HBO was going to nix the annual summer film series several years ago, the D.C. Film Alliance was able to channel significant local outrage via Facebook and save the event. So expect this year's Screen on the Green, which begins tonight [...]

Does the Smithsonian Folklife Festival Have Too Many Government Exhibits?

The Smithsonian Folklife Festival has been a fixture on Washington’s summer calendar for more than 40 years, and is arguably the most ambitious use of the National Mall each summer. For two weeks every year the Smithsonian brings in musicians, artists, storytellers, and craftsmen from around the world to put on a living exhibition. The festival [...]