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Juxtapose This: Oberlin’s Masterworks at the Phillips

When you and I decide to renovate our kitchens, we don’t have the luxury of putting our best appliances and nicest knife set on display over at a friend’s house while the cabinets get installed and the floors are torn up. But, when you’re a museum under renovation, that’s exactly what you do. With its [...]

Sucky Practice Alert: Local Author John Ferrer Will Pay You to Review His Vampire Novel

Here’s a joke you may remember from your childhood:
Q: What did the skeleton say to the vampire?
A: You suck.
Well, there’s a new twist on it now:
Q: What did the WCP blogger say to the local vampire novelist who is paying for Amazon reviews?
A: You suck!
Turns out that D.C. area author John Ferrer is advertising on [...]

John Gossage’s The Pond, Revealed

Somewhere in between D.C. and Baltimore, there is a pond that is photographer John Gossage’s Walden. Between 1981 and 1985, the D.C.-based artist captured this humble little body of water in black and white pictures for a series he simply called The Pond. Gossage refuses to reveal the pond’s location, since he doesn’t consider this [...]

Young Band Alert: Ladle Fight

The last time we wrote about a prepubescent rock band, the reaction was...intense. And so we tempt the ire of puritanical rock adults once again! Our regular coverage of grown-up rock bands will resume shortly...
Third grade seems like early days to be thinking about rock stardom. I remember being more concerned with Star Wars action [...]

The Dance Party Return to D.C.—Maybe with Strippers

If you love Toto, the Darkness, and Sugarcult, then prepare for your panties to get in a twist. Members of all three bands worked on the Dance Party’s over-the-top and synth-happy debut, Touch, which comes out on the Hell Ya! Records on Sept. 28. You can hear a remix of the track “Runaway” on the [...]

Dear Diary, Which Journal Should I Take On My Travels?

This fall I’ll be jetting all over the place—from California’s Redwood Park for a camping trip to a cartoonist’s conference in Norway and a wedding on Kauai—and I want to memorialize my travels. I wouldn’t be content with just a series of Facebook updates or iPhone photos—I want to keep a written travelogue of my [...]

The Devil in Kalorama: A Tour of John Gossage’s Neighborhood as Hell

On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, photographer John Gossage was quietly working in his downtown studio, a block from the White House, while the rest of the world lost its mind.
There he had no windows, no television, no radio—just a black-and-white series to develop. It wasn’t until late morning that he emerged from his [...]

The Phillips Collection Pays Tribute to Snowpocalypse (and You Can, Too!)

Yes, it's bloody hot out right now and we're all reminded daily that our first president chose to build our capital on a swamp, but do you remember the Snowpocalypse? Unless you blacked out for a month or happened to be vacationing off on the pink sand beaches of Barbuda, you remember Snowpocalypse all too [...]

Reviewed: My Appetite for Destruction by Steven Adler

Guns ‘n’ Roses’ debut Appetite for Destruction was a stone cold rock ‘n’ roll classic. There is no arguing with songs like “Welcome to the Jungle,” “Paradise City,” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” Drummer Steven Adler played on all these songs before he was booted from the band for being a self-destructive screw-up. After finally finding [...]

Coral Cantigas Pays Tribute to Mercedes Sosa

Mention the name Mercedes Sosa and many people will remember her just as much for her social activism as for her music. The Argentinean folk singer, known for songs such as “Gracias a la Vida” and “Balderrama” (otherwise known as “that song from that movie about Ché with Benicio Del Toro in it”), passed away [...]