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One Track Mind: Boon’s “Medicine”

“Boon: the s***stain on the underwear of the Internet”

Music Venue Staffers Pick 2014’s Best Shows

The best-dressed, loudest, and strangest artists that played D.C. last year

What Marc Eisenberg Learned from a Year of Free 9:30 Club Shows

“A band is only as good as its drummer. You can have all your shit together, but that’s the most essential person in any band."

Does D.C. Really Need Two More Punk Retrospectives?

Backwards-looking sentimentality is anti-punk as anything.

Jack on Fire’s New Album Blasts Condos, Catcallers, “Federal Databases Full of Balls”

On the Brixton: "It's a piece of fly paper for dumb white fucks. Cranberry vodkas and food that sucks."

Screen Vinyl Image’s New Release is Moody and Well-Constructed, But Predictable

Consistent to a fault, a new coldwave/shoegaze cassette from the husband-and-wife duo is a dutiful study of what an experimental electronic noise band should be.

Black Flag’s Henry Rollins on Coming Up in the D.C. Punk Scene and the Future of Rock

“The legacy of Black Flag is that the band didn’t finish well because of the activities of the last 25 months.”

Why This is the Perfect Time for a Dischord Remaster of Slant 6’s Soda Pop * Rip Off

The band was pigeonholed as riot grrrl because of its all-female lineup, a question of gender politics that's still relevant today.

Six Degrees of Separation from Ex Hex

One of D.C.'s biggest sonic exports of the year has connections to Fidel Castro, Azealia Banks, and Beavis & Butthead.

Smoke on the Roof of Hole In the Sky in Laughing Man’s New Video for “Brilliant Colors”

What’s more punk rock than skateboarding to Dean & Deluca for some artisanal Sicilian grapefruit jam?