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AFI Docs: Caucus, Reviewed

If there’s a whiff of desperation in all things political, Caucus—AJ Schnack's documentary chronicling the behind-the-scenes machinations of the 2012 Iowa Caucus—reeks of failed ambition and boundless folly. For anyone who has forgotten the high drama of last year’s Republican presidential field (how is that possible?), a brief refresher: $10,000 bets, peculiar pronunciations of "nominee," [...]

Dawne Langford Preps a New Documentary About Bad Brains’ HR, Finding Joseph I

One of punk rock’s most mercurial frontmen, Bad Brains’ HR has built a reputation on his seemingly limitless energy—and erratic behavior. Now in progress, the locally produced documentary Finding Joseph I—which exceeded its $38,000 Kickstarter goal this week—is one of two new films that explores the complicated relationship between HR and his bandmates. Washington City Paper [...]

Reviewed: The Pruitt-Igoe Myth

In 1972, the implosion of St. Louis’ Pruitt-Igoe housing project was televised for a national audience. As far as demolitions go, it was pretty standard. In director Chad Freidrichs’ The Pruitt-Igoe Myth, he explores the emotional resonance that lies behind the destruction,  explaining why so many took perverse pleasure in witnessing the buildings' demise.
Gathering the [...]

What’s Next for the ’90s Punk Reunion Wave?

It’s only Wednesday, and this week has already brought two '90s punk stalwarts back from retirement. Both At the Drive-In and Refused will play this year’s Coachella, prompting many gray-bearded music journalists to reinsert their plugs. Bands here in D.C. are certainly not immune to the musical seven-year itch, but one thing we lack is [...]

The Sleigher: Fucked Up, “Jingle Bells”

HO-HO-WHO?: Toronto's Fucked Up, the often unprintable critical darlings who have dominated year-end best-of-lists with the audacious punk epic David Comes to Life.
YEAR OF THE REINDEER: Fucked Up is no stranger to the Christmas single,  proving that the ferocious band has a heart—this year's split 7-inch with Sloan will benefit COUNTERfit Harm Reduction Program and the [...]

The Sleigher: Scott Weiland, “Winter Wonderland”

HO-HO-WHO: Scott Weiland has been a staple of modern rock radio for the better part of two decades, first with Stone Temple Pilots and then in the Slash-aided supergroup Velvet Revolver. In a move both baffling and easily rationalized (“Bowie did it, man”), Weiland has become the latest grunge-era crooner to try his hand at [...]

The Sleigher: She & Him, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”

HO HO WHO: She: doe-eyed manic pixie dream girl whose new Fox sitcom re-ushered "adorkable" into the cultural lexicon. Him: earnest singer-songwriter on Merge Records whose lo-fi ditties double as car-advertisement jingles. Together, they are She & Him, whose new album, A Very She & Him Christmas, is guaranteed to soundtrack every ugly Christmas sweater [...]

Spooky Movie: The Oregonian, Reviewed

At this year's Sundance Film Festival, Calvin Lee Reader's The Oregonian got the type of reception horror fans savor: massive walkouts. In a genre where repellent imagery is always welcome—mouth to anus, anyone?–this reaction is often touted as a badge of honor, a slab of red meat to true believers akin to Republican Presidential hopefuls calling Social Security “a Ponzi [...]

DC Shorts: Oh, Ma Corazón

Showcase 9 has it all: a little bit of action, a dash of romance, and some comedy, both intentional and otherwise. The most discernible thread running throughout is a faint multicultural flair, and yet we're still subjected to another climactic prom night where the unsuspecting nerd asks the hottie to wear [...]

DC Shorts: Better Living Through Alchemy

There's a certain alchemy to a good short film. Marrying a novel conceit with sharp dialogue and clear execution all within 20minutes is far more difficult than generally acknowledged. Keeping with the tradition of many of the festival's past showcases, this year's Showcase manages to consistently avoid all three criteria, with a few bright [...]