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When Marion Barry Rapped with Chuck Brown

With today's news of Chuck Brown's death, Twitter tributes highlighted some of the Godfather of Go-Go's greatest songs: "Run Joe," "Wind Me Up," and "Bustin' Loose."
D.C. politics fans, though, might be thinking of a lesser-known track: "Go-Go Drug Free," from the 1987 album Any Other Way to Go. Highlight: An guest-starring appearance by then-Mayor Marion [...]

The Top Five Shiny Happy R.E.M.-Breakup Headlines

It's almost too much to take: A famous band breaks up after three decades, and you have to choose just one of their songs to riff on when it comes time to write the headline or a lede. Alas, 31 years of recordings didn't lead to much variety in the initial round of obituaries for [...]

DC Shorts: Avert Your Eyes

DC Shorts' Showcase 16 starts sweet, gets zany, and ends horrific. Romantics out there might want to skip out before the female genital mutilation and the date-rape drug deployment. Those interested in a visceral emotional punch might want to do the reverse.
0507: The moral of this wee British comedy: Don't snoop on your partner's iPhone. [...]