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The Trailer for the Coen Brothers’ True Grit Is Live, and My Grandmother Hates It (UPDATED)

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The new Coen Brothers trailer is here! Last year, the bros announced their plans to adapt yet another classic western: Charles Portis' dark comedy True Grit, in which a young girl teams up with two weird-ass lawmen to avenge her father's murder in the [...]

Tonight at AFI Silver: Jeff Krulik’s Heavy Metal Picnic

"I have run to the theater with the film in my hands before," documentary filmmaker Jeff Krulik told me last month while we reviewed clips of his forthcoming movie, Heavy Metal Picnic. "We could that this time. I don't know."
If you're heading to AFI Silver tonight at 9:30 p.m. to catch [...]

When Will These United States Stop Being So Damn Boring?

These United States is a perpetual disappointment. Here is a band that has all the right ingredients for a good country-rock act—one foot in Washington, another in Kentucky; Jesse Elliott’s disinterested yowl; skilled musicians, and, lest we forget, blog buzz—and yet, this new album, and their last one, are absolutely yawn-inducing.
For the record: I am [...]

Publish or Parish: Why Is Novelist Robert Girardi Cleaning His Church?

2003 should have been the year of Robert Girardi. Instead it was when things began to fall apart faster than he could fix them.
Roland Joffé, the director of the Palme D’Or-winning film The Mission, had signed on to bring Girardi’s novella Sunday Evenings at Contessa Pasquali’s to the big screen. The crew and cast—Isabella Rossellini, [...]

R.I.P. Alan Carton: “Did It Leak?” Struck Fear Into Hearts of Publicists

Alan Carton, the 23-year-old wunderkind behind the Web site Did It Leak?, is dead of complications from cancer. For the last two years and under the cover of anonymity, Carton worked himself into the go-to source for leaked albums. Fresh, hot, indie, major label, hip-hop, noise-rock, whatever—Carton had a nose for finding torrents before anyone [...]

BREAKING: New Yorker‘s Tad Friend Names Tad Friend Greatest Author Ever

Today, the New Yorker's many contributors, editors, staffers, BFFs, etc., listed their most enjoyable reads of the year. Nothing too groundbreaking: David Remnick went with Updike, as well as "autobiographies by Frederick Douglass, W. E. B. DuBois, Malcolm X, Langston Hughes, and James Baldwin," which the New Yorker editor calls "predecessors" to Dreams From My [...]

Richard Linklater and the Guy Who Plays Orson Welles

Tricia Olszewski didn't really go for Me and Orson Welles. Washington City Paper's house critic called it an "inoffensively lackluster film" and charged that Zac Efron's portrayal of Richard, a young would-be actor who charms his way into Orson Welles' production of Julius Caesar, "is bland and personality-free, and not even his looks are [...]

Kirkus Is Dead, Long Live Relentless Positivism

Kirkus Reviews, the publication that booksellers, librarians, and mainstream reviewers used to determine what's worth selling, buying, and reviewing again, is dead. In its obituary for the esteemed publication, the New York Observer points out that it wasn't so esteemed at the time of its closing. In fact, some in the publishing industry downright loathed [...]

Michael Kyrioglou Leaving Woolly Mammoth Theatre

Nobody in D.C.'s theater scene promotes shows quite like  Michael Kyrioglou, the communications director at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company and at the League of Washington Theatres. He's tenacious as hell, blunt, and always on the clock, or so it seems. Do right by his shows, and he's an absolute gentlemen. Publish "Woolly" as "Wooly"–as this [...]

Arts Roundup: The Truth About Movie Listings

Good  morning, Andrew Alexander, ombudsman of WaPo and all-around good guy. Read your column this morning about WaPo's decision to offer movie listings "free of charge"–meaning that you will no longer be charging AMC Entertainment and Regal to provide you with editorial content. Welcome to the club, I say! But also, know this: Paying for [...]