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Heavy Metal Submission Process

Heavy Metal Picnic was supposed to be Jeff Krulik's big break. The documentary filmmaker behind the cult smash Heavy Metal Parking Lot has made every kind of documentary over the course of two decades. But he hasn't made anything with as big a place in the zeitgeist as the impromptu footage he and John Heyn [...]

Real Housewives of D.C.: A Requiem

On the eve of a possible government shutdown, Bravo has announced that it is shutting down the Real Housewives of D.C. Not for nothing, either: RHDC was the worst show in the franchise, and Washington, D.C., is where reality TV comes to die.
What Bravo producers have managed to conjure up in cities across the country—Kathy Hilton’s [...]

A Grup Speaks Up: ‘I Like Vampire Weekend. It’s Something the Whole Family Enjoys’

As a follow-up to yesterday's computer-assisted investigative feature on D.C. grups (and their apparent reliance on Pitchfork), Washington City Paper decided to track down an actual grup and figure out what makes him tick. Matt Frost is married and lives in Virginia. He has a bunch of kids. Dismemberment Plan played a show in his basement once. [...]

D.C. Grups Read Pitchfork

Someone sent us a list from the Tumblr of Gentleman's Quarterly yesterday. The list is called: "Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Political Hacks’ Best Music of 2010 Lists." The lists are authored almost exclusively by white people who probably own expensive headphones. It is mostly "Arcade Fire" written over and over again.
The list was assembled by [...]

Maggots, Watermelon, and Mother Rooney Unscrolls the Hurt: The Best Q&As of 2010

Welcome to listicle season, suckas! With arts editor Jonathan L. Fischer quarantined for rabies (RIP), we are going to start running some motherfucking annotated lists of things that we like up in here!
For starters, a list of badass Q&As ‘we’ read this year. Observe the Q&A; most abused and mocked of all content/gimmicks:

Between Two Ferns [...]

German Artist Creates Actual Fire in the Belly

I have not asked a single German what he thinks of David Wojnarowicz's “Fire in My Belly,” from the National Portrait Gallery’s Hide/Seek exhibit, because I have always assumed that Germany, being the birthplace of Nietzsche, Hitler, and Milli Vanilli, does not believe in God.
But now I suspect that the Germans would not be bothered [...]

Carl Cephas vs. The Library of Congress: Sad Christmas Edition

Carl Cephas has spent the last 10 years of his life fighting his one-time employer, the Library of Congress. Last Christmas, the Library fired Cephas after placing him on unpaid leave for almost six months and 27 years as an employee. This Christmas, it rejected his appeal of his firing.
Cephas first stirred up trouble [...]

The Original Fake Twitter Account: Eddie Dean Pretending to be Henry Rollins

Two weeks ago, New York Times book flogger Michiko Kakutani pretended to be Brian the dog from Family Guy in order to review a biography of Marilyn Monroe's dog, because apparently doing it like a normal person just does not do it for Kakutani anymore. Other people saw Kakutani writing poorly while pretending to be [...]

Stu Bykofsky and the Art of Accidental Comedy

Welcome to Christmas week. There are five full days of deals left. When I say "Discount," you say, "Kill kill kill kill kill kill!" If you love your loved ones, and want to keep them safe from you, read this column by 2010 National Society of Newspaper Columnists humor award winner Stu Bukofsky:

Cirque du So Long: Why a Larger Stage Isn’t Good News for Palace of Wonders’ Sideshow Acts

It’s 7 p.m. on a Thursday, and a short round woman in a floral skirt is wheeling two battered suitcases along H Street NE. She stops beneath a painting of a happy dog and heaves a deep sigh. Then she pushes through the double doors of the Palace of Wonders and says hi to Brad, [...]