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Kingpen Slim Remembers Old D.C. and Warns Big Talkers on Two New Singles

One of the DMV's most versatile rappers channels a tight-lipped Seahawks running back.

One Track Mind: Kenn Starr’s Marvin Gaye-Inspired “Farewell”

"It’s probably the most transparent record I’ve done, period.”

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Wale wants Kanye to design the Wizards' uniforms.

Song Premiere: Kenn Starr feat. Wordsworth and Supastition, “Came to Deliver”

The local rapper drops wisdom on getting over self-doubt and how the DMV scene's changed since his last record.

One Track Mind: Terracotta Blue’s “DreamVintage (part 1)”

"I wanted to give it that gritty, warm, soulful vibe."

Watch Selam’s Surreal New Electro-Soul Video, “One Last Time/Undone”

"Sell me a dream," Selam repeats on the hook. Looks like she got her wish.

Listen: Kenn Starr, “The Definition”

"I ain't tryna be all salty and bitter, and take love to the Facebook wall and be all stalking the Twitter."

To: You is a Big Step Forward for the Other Guys’ Rap Game

"People wanna be us or fuck us, but not around others/No respect for us, meanwhile, adore what we do."

On Empire Falls, SmCity Debunks Local Rap Myths

"Wanna know the music bidness biggest challenge? Nobody gives a fuck about a nigga's talent."

lowercase letters Get a Stronger, Sultrier Sound on Self-Titled LP

Including "Dutchie," an ode to smoking Black & Milds.