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One Track Mind: Song Premiere, Muhsinah’s “Cut Off”

Standout Track: No. 2, “Cut Off,” a high-spirited, electronic number from Muhsinah’s new EP, M, out July 29. It’s buffered by faint wails, a moderate tempo, and looped, primal-sounding backing vocals. From there, Muhsinah brightens the scant melody with a rousing soprano that bolsters the song’s lovelorn premise. “I love you but I’ll never call, [...]

DTMD’s Toine Wants a Better Job for Better Pay on Antoine Jameson

Toine wants to break away from his current financial status, his place as an underground—and somewhat unheralded—rapper, and the D.C. region for a little while. He's made some noise, though: In 2011, Toine turned in a notable performance on Oddisee's song, "Different Now." More recently, he offered a dope verse to Sean Born and Dunc's impressive [...]

Kokayi Tackles Mental Health on New Song, “Poseidon”

Life can get you down, and that's OK. There's no way to be strong all the time. It's also OK to ask for help. No one is an island.
That's all according to Kokayi's new song, "Poseidon," which finds the D.C. musician playing the role of a lifeguard above his own deliberate soundtrack. "You keep surviving, you [...]

Meet Dub Thompson, A Punk Group With A Whole Lot of Soul

Attention, music critics: The jig is up. Dub Thompson reads your reviews and think you're full of shit. They believe you make up words—and subgenres—when you can't properly describe their restless blend of punk and garage rock. "That Pitchfork review was everything we wanted," Dub Thompson drummer Evan Laffer says of a write-up that rated the duo's debut album, [...]

Hundred Waters on Life After Pitchfork’s “Best New Music” Tag

Hundred Waters makes the kind of music that sticks with you. The Gainesville, Fla., band itself doesn't stick out, but its oozing electro-folk makes you wanna sit somewhere and daydream. You don't listen to the music; it seeps into you and stretches itself out for as long as it wants. On the band's incredible new album, [...]

Ethan Spalding Wants More Recognition on New Mixtape, I Am Ethan Spalding

A midtempo guitar solo opens "Cookies," the opening track of Ethan Spalding's new mixtape, I Am Ethan Spalding. It's as if the Takoma Park rapper wants to ease into this ambitious 17-track recording. Then suddenly, Spalding bursts through, the beat just as aggressive as his spirited delivery: "You will never see me on Maury," exclaims Spalding [...]

One Track Mind: The Far EXP, “For You/Love It”

Standout Track: No. 11, “For You/Love It,” a thematic two-part posse cut from D.C. rap collective the Far EXP’s new album, The Expansion. On the first half, using a folksy instrumental from Kev Brown, the track’s producer, the crew members ponder their reasons for rhyming. Local moombahton pioneer Dave Nada gets a shoutout, and rapper [...]

Lyriciss and Osiris Green Remake Group Home’s Livin’ Proof Album

Call me an old head, a "backpacker" or whatever, but rap music was a lot different in 1995. I mean, we had our bullshit—hey there, Puffy—but there was a lot more balance on the radio and TV. Sure, there were heavy doses of mainstream rap, but it wasn't a big thing to see Group Home's "Livin' Proof" [...]

Wes Felton’s Son, 10-Year-Old Tobias, Drops A Precocious Debut EP

How did you celebrate your elementary school graduation? Maybe you got some ice cream afterward, or some R&R at the community pool. But did you record an album with your dad? Well then, your celebration wasn't as cool as Tobias Felton's—the son of D.C. mainstay W. Ellington Felton—who released his own EP, The Prestige, to [...]

Listen: The Cornel West Theory, “Water Over Troubled Bridges”

The Cornel West Theory is refreshingly black, a welcome change in a rap genre that's become increasingly standardized and cookie-cutter. The crew says things plainly and addresses social topics others are scared to touch: "Land of the free, home of the slaves," went a lyric from the Theory's incredible "Radio FREE DC (45th St. Version)."
Last month, [...]