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One Track Mind: Jake Starr and the Delicious Fullness, Modesty Blaze

Standout Track: No. 5, “City of People,” a frenetic cover of a garage obscurity by The Illusions, features Jake Starr (formerly of Adam West) singing about a case of walking-down-the-street paranoia ’cause his hair’s too long and his heels too high, so it must be 1966. Starr lets loose with a blood-curdling scream and a [...]

One Track Mind: Borracho, “Mob Gathering”

Standout Track: Side A, “Mob Gathering,” from a 7-inch co-released by No Balls Records and Ghost Highway Recordings. It’s a relatively slim slice of stoner/doom-rock pie: Borracho has been known to go long, but this one stops short of four minutes. “Mob Gathering” tells the story of a Mexican sharecropper caught up in a riot. [...]

D.C.’s Static Disruptors: The Go-Go Band That Didn’t Fit In

Fledgling go-go rapper Craig Rosen of D.C.’s Static Disruptors will never forget what go-go godfather Chuck Brown said when Rosen asked him to produce his first record. "I had a cassette of 'D.C. Groove' and offered it to [Brown]. He told me, 'If I take that tape and put it in my pocket, the females are [...]

One Track Mind: Office of Future Plans, “Solipsist”

Standout Track: Side A, “Solipsist,” a new Office of Future Plans song from a forthcoming split 7-inch on Lovitt Records with French band Daria. The chipper midtempo number builds in tension but cleverly refuses to explode. Driven by Brooks Harlan’s throbbing bass and J. Robbins’ angular guitar riffs, “Solipsist” is pretty perky for a song [...]

TV John Langworthy: God Wants You to Listen to My Dream Songs

North Potomac musician and cable television personality TV John Langworthy has a favorite TV John song, which is almost astonishing when you consider he's recorded more than 4,000 of them—all directly from his dreams.
The song is called "Elvis Brain," and Langworthy remembers the dream vividly. "I was in this old jalopy with Elvis. Elvis was [...]