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Recap Time: Homeland Season 3, Episode 12

Homeland season three ended with a whimper. The beginning of the end came with Brody trying to calmly flee a government building in Tehran after completing his mission to kill General Akbari so the CIA's inside man, Javadi, could step in and serve as a helpful liaison between the United States and Iran. (Brody's escape, [...]

Recap Time: Homeland Season 3, Episode 11

In the beginning of "Big Man in Tehran," the penultimate episode of Homeland's Season 3, the chief CIA target and military leader, General Akbari, is watching a video of Brody pleading for asylum in Iran. He's trying to figure out if Brody can be trusted. It's a moment that helps this newcomer fit right in [...]

Recap Time: Homeland Season 3, Episode 10

Episode 10 of Homeland begins at Langley as Quinn apologizes to Carrie for shooting her in the arm, as a preventative measure. Though she barely acknowledges his plea, he wastes no time getting into her business. He says she shouldn't be involved with a dangerous operation sending Brody into Iran because she's pregnant (with Brody's kid, being [...]

Recap Time: Homeland Season 3, Episode 9

In its ninth episode of its third season, Homeland continues to be in rare form, hammering  on the same themes, parallels, and character clashes over and over and over. This week's installment is called "One Last Time," but it's probably just a taunt.
It opens with Carrie in a hospital bed, recovering from a friendly-fire gunshot wound from [...]

Recap Time: Homeland Season 3, Episode 8

This Homeland episode begins with Saul attempting to prove he's devoted to his wife Mira, which involves making breakfast. She's won over, of course. But he has some news for her—he must go on a mysterious trip for a week. No other information. Mira briefly seems to regret leaving her scruffy fling, who—you absolutely won't [...]

Recap Time: Homeland, Season 3, Episode 7

Homeland has finally picked it up. Last night's was an upbeat and knotty episode, though it does begin oddly with Peter Quinn being odd about showering.
This episode begins by addressing the security footage that could frame Peter Quinn for the brutal murders Javadi committed. In hopes she can get the local police to forget about [...]

Recap Time: Homeland Season 3, Episode 6

Last night's episode of Homeland begins somewhere deep in Montgomery County, with Majid Javadi interrogating Carrie with a polygraph test. He discovers she has told her colleagues about their meeting. But before he has time to react, she flips the table on him and announces he's been lured so that he could meet with Saul—they [...]

Recap Time: Homeland Season 3, Episode 5

In last night's Homeland, Saul is tying the laces on a pair of sturdy duck boots because the president's chief of staff has invited him hunting to talk about a permanent position as the head of the CIA. Peter Quinn stops by and Saul confirms that dangling Carrie in front of a vicious Senate hearing, [...]

Recap Time: Homeland, Season 3, Episode 4

"I look like a ghost," says Carrie, frantically pinching her cheeks. Her lawyer has arrived to help her plea to leave the psych ward. Her attorney's confident it will be a cake walk, as all things with Carrie are. Her doctors and therapists give her excellent reviews including a mention that she's "she's demonstrated a [...]

Inside the Box: D.C. TV Shows, Analyzed

While the District’s lack of film incentives has prevented it from attracting shows filmed in D.C., TV writers remain infatuated with lurid, trench coat-wearing Washington. This fall brought the premieres of two new D.C.-set shows (The Blacklist, Hostages)—and that’s in addition to the glut of D.C. shows that are already on the air. Spend some [...]