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Festival Watch: Tamworth, Noise Pop, Sasquatch!

2010 Tamworth Country Music Festival: Holy Keith Urban do Australians love them some country music! Don’t believe us? Check out the Web site for this year’s Tamworth Country Music Festival. According to these folks, their event is “[p]ossibly the biggest party in the whole of Australia…a mighty, large beast” which “almost [...]

Festival Watch: Body Music Festival, What Is Music, SXSW

The 2nd International Body Music Festival
Back in elementary school, we here at Festival Watch used to be way jealous of all the kids who could make farting sounds with their armpits. Seriously: This was a big deal to us (and we’d like to point out that, had we the Internets plugged in at Casa de [...]

Festival Watch: Umbrella, Troika, All Tomorrow’s Parties

A semi-regular look at music festival news, rumors, and gossip
2009 Umbrella Music Festival: Our pals over at the Chicago Reader noted in their ’09 Fall Arts Guide that the Umbrella Music Festival “is eclipsed only by the Chicago Jazz Festival as the most impressive and adventurous jazz event of the year.” Since those guys seem [...]

Festival Watch: CMJ, Unsound, Blip, Lollapalooza

A semi-regular look at music festival news, rumor, and gossip

CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival 2009: As college radio directors prepare to descend on New York City for their annual milking of the music industry-PR teat, we here at Festival Watch are left to wonder if we might have missed out on something by not [...]