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Signature Theatre Plays Smaller Role in 2009 Helen Hayes Awards

Nominations for the 26th annual Helen Hayes Awards—D.C.'s version of the Tony Awards—were announced Monday night, including a conspicuous dearth of nominees from one heavy-hitter: Signature Theatre. The Arlington, Va. company has dominated the awards in past years, especially in the musical category: Last year, Signature received 39 nominations and went on to win 10 [...]

The Sound and the Fury of “Portraiture Now: Communities”

"Portraiture Now: Communities" is supposed to teach us about the tightly forged bonds of community, and three in particular: artists in Philly, a family in Colorado, and the citizens of Maquoketa, Iowa. But all we learn about these communities from this exhibit is that they happen to be inhabited by a collection of friendly-looking white [...]

Hillyer Serves Up a Cup of Art-Opening Whine

This is the description of the current show at Hillyer Art Space, which opened this past weekend:
Striving to find balance between the daily grind and personal artistic pursuits, our featured adjunct professors labor in the trenches; dropping knowledge for the next generation of college educated artists while pushing the envelope of the local arts scene. [...]

Curator Paul Roth Leaves the Corcoran

The loss of a talented curator of photography would be deeply felt at any art institution. But at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, which leans heavily on photography exhibitions for its marquee shows, the departure of Paul Roth, its curator of photography and media arts, is akin to a ship suddenly asea without a first [...]

Critical Appreciation: Robert H. Smith, Arts Patron

On Washington's façades, the Smith name is pervasive. It adorns offices (the Charles E. Smith company holds more than 18 million square feet of office space in D.C.) and apartments (especially in Crystal City, which the Smith family built from the ground up.) In large letters, the family name of Robert H Smith, who died [...]

The Better-Late-Than-Never Anne Truitt Review

Washington, D.C., may have been her home, but often, sculptor Anne Truitt's mind was somewhere far away. As she worked, she lost herself in childhood memories, but her pillarlike sculptures stood tall like buoys, allowing her to navigate through adulthood's choppy waters. Staid and strong, they made tangible her fraught past in order for her [...]

Heavy Stuff: Gay Marriage and “Hole in the Wall”

When Mayor Adrian Fenty signed the gay marriage bill into law last week, it was as though weight was lifted for gay men and women in the District. A different sort of weight was lifted in Transformer's art gallery, though—this one quite literal. There, until the end of the week, visitors can see artist Geoffrey Aldridge [...]

The Santaland Diaries: This One Goes to Elfin

It is decidedly not the most wonderful time of the year for Macy's Christmas elf Crumpet. In fact, if you so much as look at him the wrong way, he'd invite you to stick that candy cane.

Art Basel Miami: It’s the Economy, Stupid

Images from Art Whino's installation
Go to an art event this week and you may notice that the artists, curators and gallery owners you encounter have a sun-kissed glow. They've just returned from Miami's Art Basel, an international art fair where collectors scoop up works by established and up-and-coming artists, curators look for fresh talent, and [...]

Jeffry Cudlin Looks Pretty in Pink

Pink Line Project founder Philippa P.B. Hughes has a distinct style to match her status as a tastemaker within the D.C. art scene. But this week marks a milestone in the life of this "Chief Contrarian" – the first time her look has become iconic enough to warrant satirical imitation. That's artist and City Paper [...]