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For Politicians, Reciting the Bard is Hard

Ever looked at your local lawmaker and thought: I know how well he governs, but can he act? No? To sate your boundless curiosity,  you'll be shocked to learn that the answer is: Very poorly. If you don't want to take the City Paper's word for it, the annual "Will on the Hill" event at [...]

Reviewed: Faction of Fools’ The House with Two Doors

The House with Two Doors
Directed by Matthew R. Wilson
Devised by the ensemble; Written by Matthew R. Wilson & Toby Mulford based on the Casamarciano scenario
Produced by Faction of Fools
At the Shop at Fort Fringe to May 9
In Faction of Fools' latest, three cases of mistaken identity put young lovers on a humorous path of [...]

National Gallery’s New Acquisitions: McCracken, Paik, Torres-Garcia, Gober, Ligon

The National Gallery announced today the acquisition of new works from a disparate group of artists, several of whom are firsts for their collection. Here's a rundown of the new works you'll be able to see in coming months:
John McCracken, "Black Plank": McCracken has much in common with artist Anne Truitt, whose retrospective at the [...]

Reviewed: Stalag 17 at American Century Theater

"You'll never stop laughing at those lusty heroes of Stalag 17," declares the trailer for the 1953 Academy Award-winning Billy Wilder film of the same name. But in the American Century Theater's version of the story, the laughs don't come quite so easily. Director William Aitken has returned to the original text of the 1951 [...]

Reviewed: “Mia Feuer: Suspended Landscape”

While Mia Feuer's "Suspended Landscape," a colorful tangle of cranes, machinery, and pulleys that hangs from the ceiling of Transformer gallery, was inspired by the banality of blemished landscapes in her travels through the East Coast, it's also evocative of a different misfortune: the 2008 crane collapse in New York City. Walk into the gallery [...]

Painting the Town: D.C.’s Introduction to “New Brow” Art Hits a Wall

Shane Pomajambo with works by Trevor Young, left, and Jessica Van Brakle.
It’s an unfortunate pitfall of hosting hundreds of street artists: Chances are, some of them might be inclined to take their art to the streets. And so it was that "G40: The Summit" in Crystal City, an exhibit of "New Brow" art curated by [...]

Obama Dress Goes to Smithsonian; Simpson Suit a Bad Fit

The Smithsonian Institution has rejected one famous garment as it welcomed another. Today in a private ceremony, Michelle Obama will donate her white one-sleeve Jason Wu inaugural gown to the Smithsonian Institution for an exhibit of gowns worn by first ladies to inaugurations. The gown will be available for public viewing tomorrow.
The donation, the first [...]

Corcoran Sale Gets Art Community Talking, Fighting

The Wednesday announcement from the Corcoran that it has sold the Randall School—a building the institution bought in 2006 as a planned extension to its campus—was met with skepticism by some local art bloggers, based on what they alleged was a possible conflict of interest. That's because the museum sold the building to the art-collecting, [...]

A Nice Day For a White Wedding

"I promise not to kill him," were the vows of Dana Ellyn as she wed her longtime partner in art and life, Matt Sesow, Friday evening. Facing them down from across the Long View Gallery was her painting, "Til Death Do Us Part," which depicted a couple that closely resembled the couple, clinking glasses but [...]

Immature Hour: Good Times for D.C. Artists with Peter Pan Complexes

Toys-or-Bust Kid: D.C. artist Cory Oberndorfer says, "I don’t want to grow up."

Gallery or playpen? In the past three months, some of the following objects appeared in local art spaces: Tickle Me Elmo, stuffed animals, Scooby-Doo figurines, Wii games, plastic soldiers, and Pac-Man. We saw Boy Scouts and schoolgirls and regressed to their [...]