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St. Vincent’s Strange Mercy, Reviewed

If it's hard to consider St. Vincent's Strange Mercy a misstep—its ideas are too strong, its resolve too robust—it's still easy enough to hear it as a failure to build on the foundations laid down on the first two records by the woman known to the taxman as Annie Clark. Maybe a little bit too [...]

Dying to See You, I’m Down on the Floor: How I Almost Played with Alex Chilton, and Other Big Star Memories

The first Big Star album I ever bought was Third/Sister Lovers. This was a mistake. I'd seen the band referenced in what seemed to be every third review at the time (partly because Kurt Cobain discovered that he suddenly had control over a lot of people's eardrums), and when I decided to see what the [...]

You’ve Come a Long Way, Davey
The inexplicable career longevity of Dave Grohl

By all rights, Dave Grohl should have faded from public view once Nirvana ended in a final, irreversible decision by Kurt Cobain 15 years ago.
At most, he should have either squeezed out a brief, increasingly irrelevant solo career or found another group where he could pound away in the background while someone else claimed the [...]