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The American Scream, Reviewed

For some, Halloween is a serious occasion. They drop serious dough on elaborate costumes, plan parties, and deck out their homes with gory decorations. But for Victor Bariteau, Matt and Rick Brodeur, and Manny Souza—the subjects of Michael Paul Stephenson’s documentary The American Scream—Halloween is much more than that. It’s a way of life.
Following his [...]

Something Spooky This Way Comes: Spooky Movie International Horror Festival, Reviewed

By title alone, the Spooky Movie Film Festival immediately suggests the sort of kid-friendly collection of movies curated by a Mr. Rogers-type, but a word of warning: These movies will fuck your kids up.
Spread out over nine nights at the AFI Silver Theater, this year’s festival is its largest—and perhaps strongest—year yet, boasting more than [...]

D.C. Shorts, Showcase 13: George Costanza Shows Up

Short reviews of films from this year's DC Shorts Film Festival
A few bright spots highlight this mostly bland mix of drama and comedy. The first film, Tiny Miny Magic, is easily the weakest of the showcase, but luckily it picks up after that, and doesn't disappoint too deeply after that. The two animated shorts and Say [...]

D.C. Shorts, Showcase 11: Giant Mutant Chickens and Gérard Depardieu!

Short reviews of films from this year's DC Shorts Film Festival
A decadent platter of genre offerings from all over the globe, Showcase 11 is a mostly entertaining but somewhat morose collection. Though these showcases don't tend to have a discernible theme (apart from the family-themed showcases), it’s worth noting that three of the films are all centered [...]

New(ish) DIY Space, The Dougout, Hosts a Tape-Release Show Tonight

The demise of Gold Leaf Studios and Subterranean A may have left a smoking crater in D.C.’s storied DIY scene, but luckily there’s a new kid on the block to help pick up the slack: The Dougout.
The Langdon abode, located a few blocks from the Rhode Island Avenue Metro station, joins the ranks of punk houses like Paperhaus, [...]