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The Luscious Dancing of Pina in 3D

Pina, the 3D documentary by Wim Wenders on the work of famed German choreographer Pina Bausch, opens today in Washington. Film critic Tricia Olszewski reviewed the movie in this week's City Paper. My two-word dance-writer take? See it.
The film—which has been nominated for an Oscar for best documentary feature—offers little other than dancing, both as part [...]

More Than Yoga: Dance Exchange’s New Ways to Connect Mind and Body

If you hear the phrase “mind-body connection,” what comes to mind? Most likely, yoga. After all, the practice of holding standing and seated poses has been the first and last word on the mainstream movement scene for almost a decade now.
But in fact, there’s a range of activities from all over the world that are [...]

Austrian Dance’s “Shooting Star Export”

Some dance performances are joyful. They provide you with a deep impulse to fling yourself around, or transport you to a quiet place of suspended nowness.
Others are, let’s face it, tedious. They continue without any obvious dramatic arc, presenting some variety of cerebral movement that audience members are left to derive their own meaning from.
Where [...]

It’s Easy on the Eyes: River North Chicago Dance Performs Tonight

Last year, I interviewed Tom Reynolds, George Mason University’s director of artistic programming, marketing, and audience services, for a story about what Washington's dance watchers tend to favor. As part of our discussion, he mentioned a dance company he’d recently come across and completely fell in love with.
“I came back and said, ‘I don’t care [...]

Dance This Weekend: Robin Becker Dance and Beyond

A quick look at a few interesting dance events going on this weekend:
Tonight and tomorrow night, Georgetown University continues to wade into the dance field with an intriguing work called "Into Sunlight." Performed by 16 dancers from the New York-based Robin Becker Dance company, the piece was inspired by Washington Post associate editor David Maraniss’ [...]

Different Ways of Seeing, at Dance Place This Weekend

“Makes sense,” I thought to myself when I heard that Tzveta Kassabova and Naoko Maeshiba were sharing an evening at Dance Place. Their show, titled what we see, why we see, runs this weekend.
After all, the two artists have a lot in common. Strong, original movers who fully inhabit the space they’re in, both are [...]

Memorable Dance Performances of 2011

A psychology-major roommate told me once that a hallmark of the human brain is its proclivity for categorization. Well, count me in. In ruminating about this year’s memorable dance performances, I found myself subconsciously dividing them into three groups.
These are the shows that vibrated with energy and left audience members practically sweating with a visceral [...]

Love Her or Hate Her, the Sugarplum Fairy Inevitably Returns

For dance lovers, parsing the various versions of The Nutcracker on offer during the holiday season has become something of a high art. Year after year, the production inevitably returns, providing audiences with the equivalent of Christmas-themed comfort food and dance companies with revenues to sustain them for the other 11 months.
When you were a [...]

Perfect or Not, They Sure Seem to Dance Pretty Well

It’s a risk, but I’m going to wager that this weekend’s performance by Imperfect Dancers at the Lansburgh will be a very satisfying show.
Of course, what do I know? The contemporary dance ensemble hails from Naples, Italy, and has never performed in this country before. Hell, they barely come up on Google—the English version, that [...]

A Mostly Modern Dance Show, Plus Bhangra

Daniel Phoenix Singh must be tired of the “boundary-crossing” label by now. But what did he expect? The Indian-born computer scientist-cum-choreographer—who melds modern dance with classical Indian movement and has performed at the 9:30 Club, among other unconventional venues—has basically asked for it.
By those standards, though, this weekend’s show at Artisphere is fairly tame, though [...]