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Sonic Circuits: GX Jupitter-Larsen Knows How to Make an Audience Riot

GX Jupitter-Larsen is probably one of the most infamous noise musicians in the world. A dubious distinction, yes, and if you find the term “noise musician” a bit counter-intuitive, you’d be right once again. Jupitter-Larsen has long maintained that what he makes, whatever you call it, isn't meant to be musical. His [...]

Sonic Circuits Has a Posse, and They’re All on This Comp

With the hardcore kids all grown up and go-go frequently looking back, it might seem that nothing new is sounding in Washington. But right now, there seem to be more D.C. bands and artists playing challenging, thought-provoking music than ever before. And some of the best, most frequently rewarding ones are collected here [...]