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At the National Gallery of Art, a Tiny Exhibit Flips Rapidly Through Landmark Photobooks

The National Gallery of Art's latest photo exhibit fits into what is basically a vestibule.

At Glen Echo Park, a Trio of Retro Photographers

In a rare photo exhibit at Glen Echo Park, three different photographers find common ground.

At Goethe-Institut, Artistic Attempts to Pierce the Veil of Surveillance

The Goethe-Institut's “Surveillance Blind” explores the intersection of photography and surveillance.

At D.C.’s Leica Store, a Diverse Selection of Juried Works

The third annual juried exhibition at D.C.'s Leica Store is titled “Unforgettable," but that may be a bit exaggerated.

Casting a Wide Net at the National Geographic Museum’s ‘Pristine Seas’ Exhibit

National Geographic Museum's latest photo exhibit takes to the high seas.

Reviewed: ‘This Is Light’ at Carroll Square Gallery

Carroll Square Gallery's latest is an awfully small show to support a title of almost Biblical sweep.

Emptiness and Presence in Photographs at the Luther W. Brady Art Gallery

The photographs in “Absence/Presence: Selected Contemporary Photography” may be devoid of people, but they are not devoid of emotion.

Eli Reed’s Portraits of Unrelenting Misfortune

Reed’s work is the focus of a two-part retrospective at the Leica Store DC.

Photos Capture Schools of Hawaiian Fish in Hypnotizing Shapes

Fish organize into undulating, minimalist forms in Wayne Levin's black-and-white images at the National Academy of Sciences.

The Phillips Collection’s Greatest Photo Hits

More than a century's worth of American images from the museum's collection are on view now.