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The Majestic Shrines and Stickered, Littered Phone Booths of Southeast Asia

An exhibition of Frank Hallam Day's photos could use more balance between the two.

Frank Hallam Day’s Deep Dive into Ghana’s Small-Time Fishing Industry

There’s visual allure—torsos well cut by the heavy labor, moments of solace staring off into the silvery ocean—but also hardship.

Manufactured Underwater Landscapes at Adamson Gallery

Photographer Kim Keever has a peculiar technique that involves a 200-gallon tank of water.

Photos of Icebergs and Demolition Derbies at Hillyer Art Space

The stars here are the cars, in all their dented and rough, hand-painted glory.

Alexander Vasiljev’s Too-Careful Landscapes of Maine

Craggy seaside scenes, aging lighthouses, rolling cloud formations—they’re all here.

Local Painter Makes Urban Landscapes From Computer Circuitry

Microscopic surfaces become stand-ins for railyards, refineries, suburban sprawl, and farms.

Two Takes on the Berlin Wall at the Goethe-Institut

Photos of today's population-dividing walls render Berlin's history in the present tense.

“Some Uses of Photography”: A Too-Modest Title for a Mesmerizing Exhibit

A photo series tracks an innocence toddler through sullen college age.

Esther Hidalgo Takes Vintage Photographs of D.C. Urban Decay

“Many of the structures and locations in my works—areas that were so familiar to me—have radically changed or no longer exist.”

Gauzy, Haunting Platinum Photos at the National Gallery of Art

One turn-of-the-century photographer made a painting-like portrait by applying developing solution to the photo paper with a brush.