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Yet Another Fugazi “Cover”

Click Track says it's the "Year of the Fugazi Cover", now that TV on the Radio's brilliant live rendition of "Waiting Room" at last weekend's Pitchfork Music Festival is all over the Internet. (Full disclosure: Hearing the song's bass intro after battling the heat all day cheered me right up.) The year is barely past [...]

The Wugazi Daily: “Forensic Shimmy”

Shortly after our interview with Wugazi went online, the duo dropped another sweet mash-up: “Forensic Shimmy.” That’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” and Fugazi’s “Forensic Scene” providing one seriously funky jam. Whodathunk the late ODB and Joe Lally would’ve made such a killer combo?

We think it also makes for one solid soundtrack to [...]

The Gift vs. The Gift

With so many new bands cropping up every day, there's bound to be some crossover in the name department. For example: There's a Boston pop-rock group called THE MEN, a Brooklyn noise-punk band called The Men, and an electronic project from Le Tigre's JD Samson called MEN. It can get pretty confusing.
Things got pretty confusing [...]

Wugazi Speaks!

We've been curious about Wugazi since the project dropped its first mash-up on SoundCloud a couple of weeks ago. At first, "Sleep Rules Everything Around Me" didn't offer with much information about the artists behind the song—though it was clear that 1) they love Fugazi and Wu-Tang Clan; and 2) that they've got an ear [...]

More Wugazi!

The Internet went into hyperdrive when Wugazi, a mash-up project that combines beloved iconic post-hardcore act Fugazi and beloved NYC hip-hop collective Wu-Tang Clan, released their first tune on SoundCloud last week. "Sleep Rules Everything Around Me" was a brilliant mix that restored out faith in mash-ups, and it ain't no fluke: Yesterday, the Doomtree-affiliated [...]

Wugazi: Wu-Tang Clan and Fugazi, Together at Last

Remember when a mash-up could still feel brilliant? No? Fine, so it's hard to think of a time before the term came to evoke ill-concieved ideas, diminishing returns, and kids who go to Girl Talk shows to take E and make asses out of themselves.
Well, allow Wugazi take you back to a simpler time. Straight outta [...]

Tonight: Cacophonous Doom and Corpse Stink at St. Stephen’s

What better way to kick off a summer weekend than with a heady mix of post-rock, ephemeral doom, brutal crust metal, and, um, a 14-woman vocal choir?
Tonight's show at St. Stephen's Church is far from sweetness and light. Headlining the affair is Ilsa, a local metal-laced crust punk act (or, conversely, crust-punk infused metal [...]

Set Your Summer to Chill With Thomas Collins

Take one D.C. hardcore punk screamer, one Brooklyn hip-hop producer and sound engineer, a spoonful of summer spirit, a bottled-up idea of what chillwave should sound like, a dash of a potent gin drink, shake well, strain, and press play. That's the precise mix of ingredients that went into making Thomas Collins, a part-local "chillwave" [...]

Listen to The Fordists’ Debut Album

Local post-hardcore trio The Fordists are readying their debut full-length, and it's streaming now on Bandcamp. Watch You officially comes out in July on D.C. DIY label Amor y Lucha: The label is releasing 300 LPs—100 of which will be pressed on recycled vinyl—so if you like tight-knit, caustic- and classic-sounding D.C. post-punk and can't [...]

Monument Releases More New Old Emo

Seven months after the band released its debut album Goes Canoeing, D.C. new-old-emo act Monument is back at it with a new cassette, Sweatpants Fever. The eight-song effort has four original tunes and four covers, each selected by a different band member. The release's cover even comes with a tongue-in-cheek tease: "Monument plays the hits of [...]