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Punk News: Regents Records Sweet Collabo for All About Friends Forever

Seattle punk fan Carrie Whitney was one of the countless diehards that decided to launch a zine back in the '90s. She called hers Point Furthest From The Middle. Then in 1997 she released a compilation of hardcore bands—many of them friends—in conjunction with the zine. She called it All About Friends, and it included [...]

Baltimore’s Salamander Wool Creates a D.C. Wormhole

As Salamander Wool, Baltimore experimental musician Carson Garhart has created a portal to the ancient world, and the Washington Monument is ground zero. That's the general idea behind "Reptile," a woozy, warped track off Garhart's new album, Solar Solipsis. It's the second album from Salamander Wool—Garhart began using the name five years ago—and it collects [...]

This Show Flyer Could Be Your Life

The show flyer isn't quite a dead medium yet.
You still see some flyers taped to the bases of streetlights around town, and piled inside the Black Cat. But you could hardly call the flyer the dominant method for spreading the word about underground rock shows these days. That'd be Facebook.
Local author and journalist Willona Sloan aims [...]

Elliott Smith at WMUC: Stranger and Stranger

Last Wednesday, I compiled a few narratives from current and former WMUC DJs involved in the rediscovery of a once-lost live session by indie-folk legend Elliott Smith, which contained a previously unreleased song called "Misery Let Me Down."  The story had gone viral two days earlier, when the Washington Post's David Malitz first wrote about it. The [...]

The Long, Winding Road to the “Lost” Elliott Smith WMUC Session

The indie corner of the Internet went nuts Monday after WaPo's David Malitz published a piece about the recent rediscovery of a rare Elliott Smith recording. The story went that a former WMUC DJ Ben Weisholtz found a copy of a 1996 live radio session—"Misery Let Me Down"—in an old MiniDisc player he sold on [...]

Double Dagger Might Be Dead By the End of Its Last Show

Last month Baltimore post-punk trio Double Dagger announced it was breaking up after a little more than nine years together. The six-paragraph note on the band's site sums up the bittersweet nature of Double Dagger's demise, which is taking place simply because, in their words, it's just time.
Followers of vocalist Nolen Strals, bassist Bruce Willen, [...]

Reissues Prove Edsel Was Actually Relevant

Next week Universal will reissue Nirvana's Nevermind to celebrate the album's 20th anniversary, which will put a nice cherry on top of the grunge-nostalgia sundae folks seem so eager to devour lately. But as anyone who lived in Seattle in the late '80s and early '90s—or anyone who spent a couple hours Googling bands after [...]

PG. 99 Bring Screamo’s Past to the Present

When the band was around between 1998 and 2003, Sterling, Va., post-hardcore group PG. 99 may have been easy to miss. The screamo band bathed its sound in a kind of dark, unrelentingly violent aura that doesn't have much in common with the pop-fueled punk sounds that dominated alt-rock airwaves in the early aughts. PG. [...]

How Wale’s New Mixtape Crashed HulkShare

Soon after Wale took to Twitter with the news that fans could download his latest mixtape, the download page crashed. The Eleven One Eleven Theory had been uploaded to HulkShare, a site that Jay-Z's Life and Times blog linked to when it debuted the mixtape. The influx of traffic overwhelmed Hulkshare's file servers. Even after Wale tweeted [...]

Emperor X’s Long Lost D.C. Album

Last week, Paste magazine released an online-only issue documenting their favorite 25 up-and-coming acts, which included a fascinating anti-folk artist with some D.C. roots: Chad Matheny, aka Emperor X. For close to a decade, Matheny has amassed a cult following with his visceral yet intimate tunes and charismatic live performances. His bio says he's from Jacksonville, [...]