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Arts Roundup: The ‘Still Lost, to be Honest’ Edition

Morning everyone. It’s another dreary April May Monday. Hope everyone slept well and no one was rudely awoken at 3:43 a.m. by the sound of a shrieking, dying bird. At least, I hope that’s what it was and not a human.
Last night’s million-hour long Lost series finale was captivating (I skipped Kendra) for someone who [...]

Arts Roundup: The “Who You Gonna Call?” Edition

Morning Wednesday. The weather’s still dreary as hell, May officially changed its name to April and there’s oil everywhere. But before the world officially ends, let’s peruse what’s happening today. Aside from Stella getting her groove back for the umpteenth time on E!
Improv Everywhere, a New York-based troupe, paid homage to Ghostbusters at the New [...]

Arts Roundup: Selling Your Virginity on Reality TV Edition

Morning kids. Looks a bit like rain today, and I can’t say I approve. It’s cold as fuck.
So my bi-annual quarter life crisis didn’t quite arrive this year. It was too busy freaking Gen X out as the Baby Boomers strut down runways–guess you really are never too old for anything.
I’m starting to think life [...]

Arts Roundup: “You Made Me Fall in Love With You!” Edition

Morning humans! It’s another tragic Tuesday, for I’ve slept through traffic court (no, I didn’t run anyone over this time). But I did wake up to do this roundup just for you.
NBC has picked up J.J. Abrams’ new pilot (for he is god), Undercovers, a spy drama, for their fall line up. The plot falls [...]

Arts Roundup: The Plaid, Tight Pants and Suspicious Deaths Edition

Happy Tuesday! I never liked Tuesdays, but I’ll make an exception this morning since Phoenix was nothing short of wonderful last night, playing to a packed house at DAR Constitution Hall. Though upbeat "Rally" didn’t make it on set, they did manage to fit in the ever-so-kinda-depressing "If I Ever Feel Better," so I forgave [...]