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Arts Roundup: Keepin’ the Faith Edition

Good morning, everyone! Wednesday's looking at temperatures in the 90s and a 40 percent of thunderstorms. I'm hoping for rain.
U Street Music Hall is hosting "Keepin' the Faith" tonight, a benefit for local DJ Stereo Faith, who's been recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. There's no cover charge, but a $5 donation is requested and [...]

Arts Roundup: The Beat Memories Edition

Good morning, everyone. Today's forecast calls for clear skies and a high of 95 degrees–appropriate for Groundhog Day, at NoMa's Summer Screen tonight, no? The weatherman's not the only one living the same day, over and over again.
In case you missed it, our own Jon Fischer gave some modest advice for Taffety Punk Theatre Company [...]

Arts Roundup: The “Where Are Your Friends Tonight” Edition

Good morning, people. Happy Wednesday! Only one more day of random torrential downpours, and then it's sunny Thursday, and then it's the weekend again! And the Rock & Roll Hotel's Summer Eve party! Kind of late for summer's eve, no?
In case you missed it, NYT writes that Imagining Madoff is indefinitely postponed, Bluebrain graces us [...]

Arts Roundup: The Hills is Scripted Edition

Good morning, everyone. Another dreary Wednesday in the District.
In case you missed it: Story/Stereo nabs NEA grant in time for its second season, Ryan Hackett wins the 2010 Janet and Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize, and Mike Rhode pens an ode to Harvey Pecker, splendid American.
MTV's The Hills bid its farewell last night. After six [...]

Arts Roundup: The Middle-Class America Edition

Good morning, everyone! There's a heat advisory in town, but good news, it'll only be 100 degrees today! And it's Wednesday, which means it's almost Friday.
If you're feeling the heat enough to hang outside today, "Yoga in the Park" is happening tonight in Dupont Circle. (If you're into that kind of thing, it's not too [...]

Arts Roundup: From E.T. to “The Facebook Effect” Edition

Good morning, everyone. A gorgeous Wednesday, with a high of 82 degrees today. Sounds like perfect weather for a run or an outdoor movie screening. The NoMa's Summer Screen is featuring E.T. tonight—nothing like a trip down memory lane, to summers long gone. BBQ and music begin at 7 p.m., the film starts at 9 [...]

Arts Roundup: The Oliver Stone and Over-Sized Chairs Edition

Morning, folks! Another dreadfully gorgeous 96-degree day in the District. Summer's really trying to make an impression–have a drink!
Don't forget, the U.S. faces off against Algeria this morning at 10 a.m. If futbol doesn't interest you, famed photographer Annie Leibovitz has the sizzling men on file, or you could stay cool at The Fridge DC, [...]

Arts Roundup: The Ignite Life’s Aching Questions Edition

Good morning, everyone. Wednesday calls for rain, but I guess it's quite appropriate. The sky's simply preparing for the next five days of gorgeous weather–for today, think rainboots!
In case you missed it: Darth Vader is getting in the theater business, Howard Theatre renovation goes underway later this summer, eagles won't be gracing Georgetown, "we all [...]

Arts Roundup: The Postmodern Pretty Woman Edition

Good morning, rainy Wednesday. Gloomy weather is perfectly suitable when I have a massive paper to write, but things could always be worse.
Remember when Warner Bros. was set to build a Harry Potter theme park in Florida? Who wasn’t giddy with excitement? London mayor Boris Johnson though, urging for a London locale, thinks it’s “utterly [...]

Arts Roundup: The Billionaires Around Town Edition

Good morning, kids. It’s Wednesday, and the day looks kind of gorgeous on the other side of my curtains.
What a wonderful day to skip work, run to the nearest pool with headphones, a book you actually want to read, and live away. You never know. You might run into Dave Grohl, Sir Paul McCartney or [...]