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Pain in the Grass: New National Mall Regulations Force Big-Name Events Off the Lawn

Weeknights on the National Mall once meant scattered picnickers and scheduled protests. Today, you’ll find any number of intramural league games taking shape in the heart of D.C.’s memorial core every night of the week. From soccer to ultimate Frisbee to kickball, these sports are newish uses for the country’s busiest national park, devised by [...]

Washington Project for the Arts Moving to V Street NW

The Washington Project for the Arts is moving into a new permanent space adjacent to the 9:30 Club as part of the in-progress Atlantic Plumbing development. The artist organization's new headquarters will include a gallery space and office.
The WPA is moving from its current temporary location in the Capitol Skyline Hotel in Southwest to 1,500 square feet [...]

The Corcoran Still Needs Permission to Dissolve Itself. Here’s Its Court Filing, Annotated.

Trustees of the Corcoran Gallery of Art and College of Art + Design filed a cy-près petition to the Superior Court of the District of Columbia seeking formal approval to revise the Corcoran's federal charter. National Law Journal reporter Zoe Tillman spotted the filing yesterday. The petition would enable the Corcoran to go through with [...]

At the Hirshhorn Museum, a New Director and a Case for Optimism

The Smithsonian Institution announced yesterday that Melissa Chiu will be the next director for the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. She comes to the museum from the Asia Society in New York, where she has served as museum director since 2004.
The announcement comes not a moment too soon. The Hirshhorn has spent more than a [...]

How Much Money Will the Corcoran’s Monet Bring?

Regarding the outstanding questions facing the Corcoran Gallery of Art on the eve of its negotiated demise, museum-watchers are no closer to any answers in May than they were in April. The Corcoran, the National Gallery of Art, and George Washington University—the three parties involved in negotiations to split up the Corcoran museum and the [...]

Comparing Notes: Two Critics Confer on “Fermata,” Artisphere’s Aural Exhibition

In musical notation, a fermata is a symbol used to indicate when a note or rest should be sustained. It’s usually used over rest notes to indicate a grand pause. That’s not the imagery that most curators try to summon with summer exhibits.
But “Fermata,” an ambitious new exhibit on view through August 10 at Artisphere, [...]

Hirshhorn Chief Curator Kerry Brougher Leaves for the Academy Museum

Kerry Brougher, chief curator for the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, will run the new Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Museum, according to reports in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter
Brougher is the Hirshhorn's longest-serving curator. The acting director of the museum since last year's resignation of director Richard Koshalek, Brougher served under three other [...]

Gallery Owners Trade Traditional Spaces for Pop-Ups and Shares

When Andrea Pollan announced that she was leaving her gallery space, Curator’s Office, at 1515 14th Street NW, she was emphatic that she wasn’t closing it down for good. She’d run the microgallery for nine years before her lease expired in June 2013, but with rising rents putting storefront or smaller spaces on the District’s commercial [...]

Mall Cop: Will the Smithsonian’s David Skorton Balance Science, Technology, and the Arts?

In October 2011, Nicholas Pyenson, a curator for marine-mammal fossils at the Smithsonian Institution, made a dramatic discovery in Chile: dozens of ancient whale fossils, unearthed as a result of construction to expand the Pan-American Highway. As Smithsonian Magazine explained in a 2012 feature, the find was an especially sensitive one. The fossils had to [...]

The Corcoran’s $40 Million Magic Carpet Ride

Last June, the Corcoran Gallery of Art sold a small collection of rugs at Sotheby's. One of them, a famed 17th century Persian rug known as the Clark Sickle-Leaf Carpet, after its distinctive patterning, outdid all predictions: The piece sold for $33.8 million, well over the $5 to $7 million estimate. In all, the lot [...]