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The Sleigher: Ivana Raymonda van der Veen, “Happy White Christmas”

This Christmas sure is white, and proud of it!

A New Track From Matmos Before This Weekend’s Alt-as-Hell Fields Festival

Any search for the most alt-as-hell music festival probably has to start in Europe, unless you consider the Gathering of the Juggalos to be some sort of 'Merican trump card. Juggalos, by nature, can only trump themselves, so let's not go there. Instead let's go to Fields, the one-word gathering on Aug. 22-24 that bills [...]

One Track Mind: Canine Teeth’s “Shape Up”

Standout Track: No. 2, “Shape Up,” Canine Teeth's brief, dark exploration of a romantic relationship at a turning point. A twinge of insanity is audible in the first half of the song, which fits spoken-sung vocals into echoes of Massive Attack’s brooding trip-hop template. The second leg erupts into distortion, frying R&B-flavored lines like “I’m [...]

One Track Mind: The Sea Life’s “Prozac & Merlot”

Standout Track: The gritty, reverb-heavy “Prozac & Merlot” is a standalone single that the Sea Life, a D.C.-by-way-of-Montgomery County indie-pop band, drops today to generate attention while it wraps up a U.S. tour and gets ready for some new releases later this year. As the title implies, it’s about medication, both prescribed and self-administered. Bass [...]

Silo Halo’s Blackout Transmission Lets Some Vulnerability Show

Silo Halo is hardly the only active D.C. band that can trace its sound directly to the darker side of '90s indie rock—Lorelei and Cigarette immediately come to mind—and like those contemporaries, the trio is adept at creating a lonesome rumble. The four songs on Blackout Transmission, Silo Halo's second release on Etxe Records, all [...]

Wizards’ Nascent Playoff Run Inspires Hip-Hop Songs, Natch

While the world continues to wait for somebody to use Uriah Heep's "The Wizard" as the soundtrack for a highlight reel of slow-mo, super-high-def Marcin Gortat dunks, fans of the resurgent Washington Wizards basketball franchise can behold at least two peppy hometown tunes with videos that feature recycled footage of point guard John Wall: "Im Gettin [...]

A Suggestion for Yung Gleesh

Since the "Skrong" days, D.C.'s Yung Gleesh has shown an occasional knack for Lil' B-style corner-cutting (and also high-concept corner-cutting), so the utterly abject enunciation in his new song "Gleechie" should come as no surprise. There's an opportunity waiting within the video, though: Gleesh should do a commentary version of the clip, and in the [...]

Borracho Releases Single, Plans Tour of Very Metal Countries

The new song by Borracho, "Know My Name," takes the point of view of a killer, which is fine, because the D.C. metal band is heading to some Viking-ass/Goth-ass nations pretty soon, including Denmark and Germany. The tune itself has a strong whiff of Southern 'tude and also some circa-'91 Sub Pop stank. "Know My [...]

Protect-U Announces Double-LP Release Date, Posts New Track

D.C. synth duo Protect-U  will release Free USA, its first true LP, on May 13 via hometown label Future Times. Members Mike Petillo (a co-owner of the label) and Aaron Leitko are planning at least three performances locally in the run-up to the release date: A set at the Select DC Vanguard Festival on April [...]

The Secret History of Those Radio Rahim Stickers

A few years ago it was virtually impossible to walk through one of D.C.'s commercial corridors and not see a Radio Rahim sticker–and quite a few are hanging around. As far as street visuals go, they're striking for their simplicity (white Cooper font text on a black background) as well as their apparent reference to [...]