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DC Shorts, Showcase 15: The Titanic, Drug Violence, and Time Travel

Promise rears its head in DC Shorts' Showcase 15. This series of mostly well-made—and sometimes excellent—shorts offers a contrast of themes, styles, and stories. Juaritos and Uisce Beatha are the obvious standouts among the bunch. Aside from some significant misfires, Showcase 15 delivers an overall enjoyable lineup.
Uisce Beatha: Mass tragedies are rarely without true tales of [...]

Dungeons & Dragons Play Of Dice and Men Chases Screen Dreams

For nearly four decades, players of Dungeons & Dragons have been stereotyped and lampooned for their love of fantasy tabletop gaming. The cross they bear has not been lightweight.
But local actor and gamer Cameron McNary says D&D devotees shouldn't lurk in the shadows. Dungeons & Dragons, which counts collaboration, imagination, and math among its key components, [...]

At SynchroSwim, Performance Art Gets Waterborne

Artist Eames Armstrong is used to getting props for her curation work and performances, but she doesn't get much attention for her swimming ability. She's terrible in the water, she says. Yet Armstrong, along with three other artists, has crafted a semi-improvised water play, Antarctica, that includes The Little Mermaid and the Lovecraft squid monster Cthulhu.
Synchronized [...]

Settle Down, Nerds: Awesome Con D.C. Is Coming

At this point, it's not much of a secret that D.C.'s comic culture is manifold and thriving. It’s fructified by podcasts, blogs, and a newsletter published by home-grown comics collective DC Conspiracy. Comics devotees in the D.C. area have kindred spirits in other breeds of nerds, too: Trekkies, steampunks, LARPers—even Bronies, the adult viewers of [...]

Homegrown RPG Radio the Universe Raises a Ton of Money—and Questions

Usually, D.C.'s video game industry isn't exactly shrouded in mystery. A handful of established companies in the region earn a healthy profit making the sort of sword-and-sorcery games that sell. But recently, a new kind of locally made video game has emerged—and it raises more questions than the local gaming community might be accustomed to.
“Players [...]