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Riot Act Comedy Theater’s Second Act: A Bar (With Some Comedy)

Riot Act Comedy Theater is about to shed its comedic side, at least partly. The E Street NW club, which opened last August, will become a bar, but the club’s management wants to preserve as much comedy as possible in addition to featuring other kinds of entertainment.
Penn Social, the new bar, will open on July [...]

Courier Culture Captures D.C.’s Shrinking Pool of Bike Messengers

Picture a typical block in downtown Washington. You probably see bike messengers darting between cars, rushing to deliver documents. And you probably see cameras sticking out of crevices, documenting that very scene. What cameras don't always capture, though, is the angst of an industry slowly decaying into an anachronism.
In the Corcoran School of Art+Design's New [...]

Chuck Brown Day? Chuck Brown Park? The Go-Go Hall of Fame?

For a moment earlier today, as politicians lined up on the stage to send off the Godfather of Go-Go, what began as a festive memorial started to feel like a game of one-upmanship. Mayor Vince Gray said he would ask the D.C. Council to name a park after Chuck Brown, who died May 16. Del. [...]

Chuck Brown’s Memorial: Politicians, Go-Go Musicians, Celebrities, and the Apprentice

The final installment of the D.C.'s official celebrations of Chuck Brown takes place tomorrow in halls D and E of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Some good news: After yesterday’s long line outside the Howard Theatre in the brutal heat, this should be a cooler event.
Doors will open at 10 a.m., and ceremonies will actually [...]

“A Family Affair”: Mourners Line Up for Chuck Brown’s Public Viewing at the Howard Theatre

“Chuck shirts! Chuck shirts!” vendors cried as they worked the line stretching from the Howard Theatre, where crowds had assembled to say goodbye to Chuck Brown today. The scene was part concert, part tourist gathering, part block party; friends greeted each other from across the street, hawkers hollered, local politicians made the necessary appearances.
People in [...]

Chuck Brown’s Public Viewing Is Today

This is the week D.C. says goodbye to the Godfather of Go-Go. If you're planning to pay respects to Chuck Brown—whose remains can be viewed today at the Howard Theatre—here's how it'll work.
Today's public viewing takes place today from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. at 620 T St. NW. Expect big crowds; the folks at the Howard don’t [...]

A Guide to Outdoor Movies in the D.C. Area

Even if the weather's been screaming summer for a while, Memorial Day tells us the season's arrival is official. Summer in D.C. means a slower pace, a seemingly infinite reservoir of scandals, and swarms of godforsaken mosquitoes and interns. But more important, summer means movies: In theaters, at home, and on iPhones, Washingtonians escape the [...]

U Street Reacts to Chuck Brown’s Death: “When He Plays, He Has Meaning”

You could hear U Street NW learning of the news of Chuck Brown's death this afternoon as stores and drivers flipped on their radios one by one. By 6 p.m., the sounds of conga drums and roll calls had reached block-party volume. Black Broadway was sending Brown, the Godfather of Go-Go and the soul of [...]