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For DJ Neekola, iPhone App Is the New Show Flyer

There comes a time for many musicians when they choose to toss away full-time jobs and security to pursue their dreams. This usually involves eating cheap takeout to afford studio time, begging everyone they know to listen to their demo, and putting up fliers around town. Wait, sorry, this is 2010: It means building a [...]

Semi-Charmed, not Cursed: An Interview with Third Eye Blind

Since apparently it's We Love the '90s Day at Arts Desk, it's fortunate that correspondent Jason Cox just filed this unapologetic dispatch from the alt-pop trenches.
My friends, enemies, and frenemies often try to discredit my taste in music when I tell them I am a diehard fan of Third Eye Blind—that is, if they can [...]

Growing Up Trance: An Interview with SECTR 24

In the world of trance and electronic music, opening for Paul van Dyk and BT and rubbing elbows with Tiësto and Above and Beyond is kind of like Cameron Crowe writing for Rolling Stone at age 15—although D.C.-area native Ross Lara, for his part, was 20 by the time he did all this. Then again: [...]

Kickin’ Up a Storm for Two Years Runnin': A Kicks! Q&A

For starters, we’re aware that the image to the right isn't a photograph of the DJs behind Kicks!, the dance party that celebrates its two-year anniversary backstage tonight at the Black Cat. But Kim Klinger (left) and Sara Rycroft just insisted—insisted!—that we use this adorable portrait drawn by their buddy, DJ Denman Anderson. And who [...]

Tonight in Dance Parties: “Naughty or Nice”

The colors of Christmas are out in full bloom: black, really black, and pale flesh tone. At least that’s the impression you'll get at tonight’s Naughty or Nice Pajama Party, held by Tronik at Town.
Town, one of D.C.’s best-known gay dance clubs, also holds the monthly Tronik event, a descendant of the goth- and industrial-centered [...]