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On Michael Jackson: Kojo Is A Hater!

Today, soothing WAMU radio host Kojo Nnamdi prefaced a call-in hour by going off on all things Michael Jackson. He sorta boasted to listeners that his show had been a Michael Jackson Free Zone this past week. He then explained his confusion as to why African American leaders and African American Professor types would debase [...]

New Arrivals @ Red Onion

Red Onion just put out a list of its new arrivals which include some new Honest Jon's releases (Trembling Bells, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, among others), the new Dinosaur Jr. LP, the Rondos reissue, White Hills, The Field, Deerhunter, Es, Earth, Major Lazer, Betty Davis, the new Papercuts, Blank Dogs and an amazing George Mitchell-produced blues [...]

Go-Go Flyer of the Week

New Arrivals @ Red Onion

Red Onion has some pretty great new LPs in stock among them–the new Deerhunter record, that Pavement Brighten the Corners deluxe reissue box, the Ganglians LP, and the new, surprisingly good Tortoise LP. The must own: The World is Shaking: Cubanismo from the Congo 1954-1955.
Full list of the new titles after the jump.

Tonight: Double Dagger To Play Free In-Store @ Crooked Beat

Baltimore's Double Dagger will be playing an in-store at Crooked Beat today at 7 p.m. The show is free. Expect it to be loud as hell. Double Dagger recently released its stunning third LP, More, on Thrill Jockey. We hope the Adams Morgan record shop has insurance; the band's sound is all sharp elbows, pointed [...]

Mary Timony To Debut New Band—Soft Power

Mary Timony, local guitar hero, has a new band—Soft Power. The band—originally called Pow Wow—will come as a blessing to Timony fans. The quartet's sound hews toward the more angular rock of her Helium heyday with some well-studied kraut and psych flourishes thrown in. So far, Soft Power has posted two songs—"La La La" and [...]

Crooked Beat’s Top Sellers For May

Crooked Beat sent along a list of the Adams Morgan stores top-ten sellers for May. I pass it along not so much for its tiny news value as merely a reminder. Maybe you're like me and totally slept on the new Camera Obscura album (it's....No. 1 at Crooked Beat). Or maybe you still do not [...]

Go-Go Flyer of the Week

New Arrivals @ Som Records

Som Records has got in some good LPs this week. Neal writes in an e-mail: "Besides loads of fresh used LP's brought back from Florida and North Carolina (including Badger, Captain Beefheart, "Star Wars Dub", Dead Kennedys, Francoise Hardy and more) and a whole bunch of soul 7"s here are some of the new vinyl [...]

Koko Taylor R.I.P.

Koko Taylor R.I.P.