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Dustin Wong @ Velvet Lounge Tonight!

Dustin Wong is set to release a very long, very intricate solo album, Infinite Love, on Oct. 5. The Ponytail guitarist—a band that has either broken up or is on some kind of Fugazi-style hiatus—is not one to mess around. Infinite Love contains two tracks each roughly 40 minutes long, each containing a dizzying flow [...]

Red Onion Owner Josh Harkavy Spins Tonight at The Black Cat

Josh Harkavy, owner of Red Onion Records and Books, is making a rare appearance behind the turntables at the Black Cat tonight at 10. Harkavy will be spinning his favorite classic-and-current garage and soul music. "Heavier on the garage I'd say," Harkavy explains. "Some hits and some things people have never heard before. That sounds [...]

Sublime Frequencies Hosts Film Screening Tonight in Baltimore

Ethiopia- Staring into the Sun from olivia wyatt on Vimeo.
Is there a better, cooler label than Sublime Frequencies? Come and find out as the label screens to films from its documentary work in Ethiopia and Western Niger. The filmmakers will be on hand tonight for the screening in Baltimore. Full details after the jump.

The Record Fair: It’s Back, New And Improved

The Record Fair is back this Sunday at the Black Cat. The Fair has become a very big deal, and very big business for vinyl geeks. In February, it drew roughly 1,500 people and some criticism about lighting, and space. Apparently those issues have been addressed, according to event organizer/blogger The Vinyl District. They write:
"While [...]

Thank You, Alex Chilton

Alex Chilton has passed away. Whether you know it or not, you owe half your music collection to that man. And indie rock owes almost everything.

Reason No. 462 Howard Kurtz Is A Douche

This morning on CNN, Howard Kurtz asks: "Are newspapers cutting back on film critics?" If he has to ask that question, he should stop being a media critic.

Dust-To-Digital’s John Fahey Box May Come Out In August

A cousin of mine snorted coke with John Fahey back when he booked the Maryland guitar picker to play at his college. They did a line off Fahey's guitar. That's my Fahey story.
The archival experts at Dust-to-Digital have been collecting Fahey stories and unreleased recordings for years now. According to the label's founder Lance Ledbetter, [...]

Was The DC Record Fair Too Crowded?

Yesterday's DC Record Fair at the Black Cat turned out to be an overwhelming success, according to one of the event's organizers. "It was pretty crazy," says Neal Becton, Som Records' owner, "like 1500 people turned up. That's one of the reasons we left Comet. We love Comet but it was a little too small. [...]

Volunteers Needed To Shovel Out The Black Cat

Som Records' Neal Becton is calling for volunteers to help shovel out the huge snow wall left on 14th Street in front of the Black Cat. What's the big deal?
Tomorrow is the D.C. Record Fair at the Black Cat. It starts at noon and features 30 record dealers and a full lineup of DJs (Ian [...]

Vic Chesnutt R.I.P.

UPDATE – 7:42 p.m.: Chesnutt has died, the New York Times reports.
UPDATE – 11:38 a.m.: Reports of Chesnutt's death were false. He is in a coma. Original post below.
Singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt has died. Earlier today, Chesnutt slipped into a coma after an apparent suicide attempt. Chesnutt spent much of his life in a wheelchair following [...]