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Arts Roundup: Last Word Edition

Born to it: WaPo talks to first-time graphic novelist Sarah Glidden about How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less, inspired by her Birthright trip to Israel. The Brooklyn-based author-artist, who appears tonight at the D.C. JCC, traveled to Israel four years ago with a critical eye, determined to find facts amidst propaganda. She [...]

Arts Roundup: Scandal Edition

No doubt capitalizing on the National Portrait Gallery debacle, the PPOW gallery in New York has a new David Wojnarowicz exhibit on view, called "Spirituality." WaPo reviews the show which, like "A Fire in My Belly," juxtaposes religious iconography with street scenes.
In other WaPo news, the paper has suspended veteran, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Sari Horwitz [...]

Our Guide to Arena’s Albee Festival

Depending on which source you believe, Edward Albee was either born in Virgina or in the District. Despite his uncertain provenance and the fact that he was adopted by a family in Westchester County, N.Y. a mere two weeks after his birth, D.C. still claims him as its own. Regardless of the legitimacy of this [...]

Arts Roundup: Melissa Joan Hart Edition

Hi, all. Hope the rain didn't put too much of a damper on your commute to work this morning.
In WaPo, Kriston Capps, co-author–along with Louis Jacobson–of this week's Arts Desk feature on the closing of Bethesda's Fraser Gallery–profiles Paul Reed, the last living member of the Washington Color School. The 92-year-old is still creating gorgeous, [...]

DC Independent Film Festival Coverage Starts Today!

The DC Independent Film Festival kicked off yesterday with local filmmaker and radio personality Russ Parr's 35 & Ticking, about a group of–you guessed it–35-year-old friends struggling with various romantic and familial issues. The festival features seminars, workshops, and music, but of course, the films are the big draw. Over 100 short and feature-length films [...]

Inflated Reality: Lessons in Truthiness for TLC Star Katie Balloons

Three days before a fancy wedding, Addi Somekh, Brian Asman, and Katie Laibstain are suddenly handed a mission: Make the bride’s dress, complete with five-foot train. Make it look spectacular. Make it fit perfectly.
And make it out of balloons.
There is, of course, only one world in which such a challenge could possibly take place: Yes, [...]

Arts Roundup: Good Riddance, Galliano

Morning, all. Normally Benjamin R. Freed, who did some stellar reporting on the Dirk Smiler case yesterday, would be doing today's roundup, but we're switching it up and he's got tomorrow's roundup instead.
Good riddance: John Galliano may be a creative genius, but he's also a bigot. After video footage surfaced of the Christian Dior designer [...]

Arts Roundup: Oscar Voting’s Over Edition

My colleague Jonathan L. Fischer reported yesterday that local band Tennis System is leaving D.C. for sunnier pastures in L.A. Can't say I blame them. The band's playing a farewell show at the Rock & Roll Hotel March 4.
As was widely reported yesterday, TBD is undergoing a major revamp. Again. But, troopers that they are, they [...]

Arts Roundup: Resuscitating-a-Flop Edition

Bye bye, Borders. The books and music chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday, and both D.C. locations will close. Guess that means I'd better finally get around to using that gift card.
By now, everyone knows that the $65 million, Julie Taymor-directed Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, with music by Bono and the Edge, pretty much sucks anyway [...]

Fare Assessment: Sarah Kaufman at New York Fashion Week

There are plenty of reasons for an arts critic to leave town—say, vacation. OK, OK, all critics should see what's animating the national conversation from time to time—it can broaden and inform their perspective. But sometimes it feels like The Washington Post's reviewers are spending a bit too much time consuming art [...]