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In Bird Art, Do Animals Become Objects?

The Smithsonian American Art Museum puts a bird on it.

At Artisphere, Live Silkworms Spin Sculpture and Mate as Performance Art

So vital is their quest to domesticate that they won’t eat until the mating is accomplished.

Sixty Years Worth of Art League Instructors Show Their Work

A dog-and-pony show doesn't do justice to the importance of the art school.

Pussy Riot and Pixellation in a Parallel World: Ben Tolman’s “Fiction” at the Fridge

Upon viewing Ben Tolman’s tightly compact, illustrative drawings, words like "meticulous" and "methodical" spring to mind. Fastidious details, like the alternating textures of tents against a sullied patch of terrain in Camp or the careful fidelity rendered to the backhoe loader in Hole, are emblematic of the D.C. artist’s style and apparent to viewers who have followed [...]