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One Track Mind: BRNDA’s “Boyfriend”

“She still was slightly offended by it but not so much that it ruined Christmas.”

Watch Laughing Man’s Powerful, Timely “Bodycop” Video

It's the second video from the local experimental rock act's 2014 record Be Black Baby.

One Track Mind: Cartoon Weapons’ “Any Robot But You”

Is everyone around you just another robot?

David Combs Bids a Final Adieu To Spoonboy

On the day of his last show as Spoonboy, Combs chats about the early days of folk punk and the influence of D.C.’s DIY scene on his music.

Louis Weeks: Commercial Composer by Day, Alt-Pop Philosopher by Night

The experimental musician's latest album debuts a fuller sound that revels in its excess fat.

Listen: In Fest DC Mixtape Featuring Two Inch Astronaut, Laughing Man, Hemlines and More

The tape's tracks were recorded live at D.C. DIY venues.

David Combs Will Play His Final Show as Spoonboy on June 4

"Talking about the same intense thing at every show for weeks or sometimes months was driving me a little crazy.”

Deleted Scenes Breaks Up

"We felt like the music would speak for itself, but I don't think any music can speak for itself today."

One Track Mind: Atlas At Last’s “Compassion”

Standout Track: No. 3, the slow-crawling “Compassion” from Atlas At Last’s new A Composition Of Functions EP. The College Park hardcore three-piece's music may dwell in aggressive, sludgy places, but “Compassion” is built around a series of gorgeous, stripped-down melodic passages that inject the track with a sense of bleeding-heart urgency. “And do you remember the [...]

Song Premiere: Tereu Tereu’s Remix of the Caribbean’s “Imitation Air”

"Tereu Tereu took a murky, dystopian love song and made it a murkier, more barren planet even less fit for human habitation."