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Deleted Scenes Breaks Up

"We felt like the music would speak for itself, but I don't think any music can speak for itself today."

One Track Mind: Atlas At Last’s “Compassion”

Standout Track: No. 3, the slow-crawling “Compassion” from Atlas At Last’s new A Composition Of Functions EP. The College Park hardcore three-piece's music may dwell in aggressive, sludgy places, but “Compassion” is built around a series of gorgeous, stripped-down melodic passages that inject the track with a sense of bleeding-heart urgency. “And do you remember the [...]

Song Premiere: Tereu Tereu’s Remix of the Caribbean’s “Imitation Air”

"Tereu Tereu took a murky, dystopian love song and made it a murkier, more barren planet even less fit for human habitation."

One Track Mind: Sun Machines’ “Arms and Legs”

"Arms and legs/Wrapped around my foolish head"

One Track Mind: Clones of Clones’ “I Don’t Need Your Love”

"I envision a clone to be a less perfect version of its former self.”

Tim Heidecker of Tim & Eric on Irony, Podiatry, and The Twilight Zone

"I just wanted to let you know I’m in a CVS...had to do a number one."

One Track Mind: Joy Buttons’ “The Box”

"But there’s no freedom when you’re stuck/In your room/Making marks with a razor”

One Track Mind: The Effects’ “Blister”

Loud and rollicking, the song lives up to its title.

Listen to BRNDA’s Sunny “Apple King”

Think Architecture in Helsinki's dance-rock meets Pere Ubu's squawk.

Mutual Benefit on Fast Fame, Field Recordings, and Fancy Beer

"I didn’t understand any conversation that was happening around me, and I was like, 'Wow, I think that makes me a gentrifier.'"