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Arts Roundup: ‘Words Of Wisdom From Nomi Malone and Jessie Spano’ Edition

Morning, readers.
*Elizabeth Berkley plans to write a self-help book to help boost young girls' self-esteem. Presumably it'll skip the whole section about doing a movie where you snort coke, have sex in a pool, and push the lead showgirl down the stairs so you can take her place in a topless Vegas extravaganza. Though hopefully [...]

This Week in Music: Dave Holland Octet’s Pathways

The Dave Holland Octet's newest live album, Pathways, may at first seem a tad showy—what with its array of featured musicians and excessive running time. But that talent supersedes what could easily have been an overstuffed and self-indulgent record. Hooks and grooves burst from the album, while the ensemble's nuanced playing softens the edges. Vibraphonist [...]

Weekend Music Roundup: Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Honor By August, and More


Needtobreathe, Will Hoge, Matt Hires. 9:30 Club. $16.

Gato & the Palenke Music Co. Strathmore. $10 in advance, $12 at door.

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. Wolf Trap. $35.

East Coast Caravan. The Red & The Black. $8. 21+.

Shwa, The Royal We. IOTA Club & Cafe. $10.

Bonjour, Ganesh!, The Jones, Big Chimney, Blankus Larry. Rock and Roll Hotel. $10.

Andy [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘The Baby-Sitters Club Still Rocks’ Edition

Morning, readers.
*The Baby-Sitters Club book series releases a prequel after ten years of inactivity. The original books will also be re-released with updated storylines to match modern times. What's that sound? Oh, just my childhood calling.
*Slash releases a solo album. In true Slash fashion, the disc includes a bevy of guest singers, featuring everyone from [...]

This Week in Film: Vincere and Formosa Betrayed

Though Vincere and Formosa Betrayed are both films about dictators, they don't stand on equal ground. Vincere is the story of the Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini and his supposed love affair with a woman named Ida Dalser. In the film, Dalser claims she's wed Il Duce and given birth his child, but with no [...]

This Week in Theater: Reasons to Be Pretty, The Lisbon Traviata, and Clybourne Park

How invested an audience becomes in a play is always a key metric of its success, but Neil Labute's Reasons to Be Pretty at Studio Theatre may force viewers to step back from their emotions, if only for a second. The play, full of relatable characters and familiar situations, is ripe with tense moments and [...]

Weekend Music Roundup: Nada Surf, National Symphony Orchestra, Past Lives, and More


Nada Surf, Dawn Landes and the Hounds. 9:30 Club. $20.

E.M. Spencer. Strathmore. $10 in advance, $12 at door.

Christine Lavin. Wolf Trap. $20.

The Bang, Chute. The Red & The Black. $8. 21+.

Justin Trawick Group, Jason Masi Band, Rene Moffatt, Jamie Marie. IOTA Club & Cafe. $12.

Midnight Sun, Nunchucks, Downtown Harvest, Blackbells. Rock and Roll Hotel. $10.

Big [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Smell Like A Comic Book Fan’ Edition

Morning, readers.
*MGMT releases its "Flash Delirium" music video. There's old ladies playing wooden instruments, talking throat-slits filled with eels, and puppets. The usual.

*Diesel is releasing a special Iron Man 2 cologne in anticipation of the film's May 7 release. The bottle is shaped like a red fist, but nerds will notice one particular problem: the [...]

Weekend Music Roundup: Imperial China, Moody Blues, Cherry Blossom Freebies, and More


Kinoeye, Maximillion Dunbar, Protect-U, Steve Summers. The Cherch. $5 donation.

Vladimir Feltsman. Strathmore. $27-$77.

Ravenous, FOX Japan, Caustic Casanova. The Red & The Black. $8.

Justin Jones, Down Dexter, Peter Bradley Adams. IOTA Club & Cafe. $12.

Shearwater, Wye Oak, Hospital Ships. Rock and Roll Hotel. $12.

Next Door Ellen. Bangkok Blues. Call for price.

Imperial China, Cephalopods, Lo Moda, Busses. [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Sarah Palin Has A TV Show’ Edition

*TLC announces it has acquired the rights to air a new travel series called "Sarah Palin's Alaska," which showcases the former governor's view of the state. I can only assume it'll be multiple shots of Russia from her front door.
*GLAAD calls for the Tribeca Film Festival to remove the film Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives from [...]