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Now on View: “Titouan Lamazou: Women” at Adamson Gallery

It would be too easy to classify Titouan Lamazou’s photographic series, “Women,” as a United Colors of Benetton-meets-Oxfam tour through the poverty and prejudices women face worldwide—and how, despite the odds, they persevere. And when you stare into the beautiful faces of twins Soya and Awa from Mauritania, or the scantily clad Katrine and Noris [...]

Tonight in Music: Family Portrait at DC9

A sort-of-D.C.-based band featuring the founders of the sort-of-D.C.-based Underwater Peoples, Family Portrait makes skuzzy, sun-kissed art pop that’s of a piece with the woozy romanticism (Real Estate, Air Waves) the label peddles. Family Portrait killed time last year as a two-piece while half the band traveled abroad. Now back to its original lineup, the [...]

Now on View: “Jason Horowitz: Drag” at Curator’s Office

Jason Horowitz has a history of getting close to the corporeal, especially when we'd rather look away—his last show, “Corpus,” zoomed in on rolls of fat and outie belly buttons that rarely receive glamorous studio lighting. In his new show, “Drag,” subjects Shi-Queeta Lee, Jessica Spaulding, and other local drag queens are used to the [...]

Tonight in Music: Ani DiFranco at the 9:30 Club

Folk music has gotten soft. At least, it’s gotten soft by Ani DiFranco’s standards. Back in the early ’90s, the Buffalo, N.Y.–bred singer-songwriter regularly served up her feelings on the raw—be they about reproductive rights, sexuality, or your untouchable effing face. DiFranco had her own label, her own guitar tunings, and she was not afraid [...]

Tonight in Readings: Patricia Smith and John Burnside at Folger Elizabethan Theatre

In her most recent book, Blood Dazzler, Patricia Smith tracks Hurricane Katrina’s emotional and physical devastation, minute-by-minute through New Orleans. She takes on the voices of the city’s individual residents, and her evocation of the city’s destruction is raw, spiritual, and heartbreaking. Smith, a four-time National Poetry Slam champion, reads from her work and converses [...]

Now on View: “Adam ‘5100’ Feibelman: Underbelly” at Project 4

The streets and buildings in Adam “5100” Feibelman’s stenciled paintings could be any city, but they seem like stills from a Hollywood set. Not for a sitcom or rom-com or com of any sort—no, these structures belong in thrillers and dramas; their dingy alleyways could be the last thing a victim ever sees. Like the [...]

Now on View: “Call + Response” at Hamiltonian Gallery

Anyone who talks about a picture being worth a thousand words can stuff it. For “Call + Response,” Hamiltonian Gallery asked 16 visual artists to create responses to the poetry and prose of 16 writers. In many instances, the words surpass the visuals—as in Christian Howard’s “Spaghetti Western,” in which watching a cowboy flick on [...]

Tonight in Film: Play Misty for Me at the AFI Silver Theatre

As an actor and director, Clint Eastwood has fixated for five decades on the theme of revenge, largely through the prism of masculinity. True, he didn’t invent the laconic, badass loner, but over the course of his career—particularly in Sergio Leone’s westerns and as “Dirty Harry” Callahan—he surely perfected the trope. For his directorial debut, [...]

Tonight in Film: The Secret to a Happy Ending at the AFI Silver Theatre

UPDATE: The mightnight screening is canceled due to the snowstorm. The sold-out 9:15 p.m. screening will continue as scheduled. Original post below:
Sadly, a large number of arts events this weekend have been canceled. But some venues soldier on! From this week's City Lights:
Pardon the hyperbole, but Drive-By Truckers is the only real rock ’n’ roll [...]

Tonight in Music: Alberta Cross at the Black Cat

Feeling angsty about city life? Alberta Cross feels you. The British rockers despised living in Brooklyn so much they wrote an album about it how much it sucked, ditching the acoustic gang-sings of their debut EP for wailing, wallowing grunge. But if the gratuitous use of exclamation points on the band’s Twitter feed is any [...]