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To Do Today: White Lung, SBTRKT, and Elijah Balbed

Wailing punk rock from Canada, soulful electronica, and a local blend of go-go and jazz

To Do This Weekend: “Where I Belong: Finding Myself Under a Big Top,” Calexico, and Magic Giant

Kick off your Pride celebrations with an aerial performance and storytelling evening.

To Do Today: Tartuffe, Judy Blume, and Spoonboy’s Final Show

Tonight, Judy Blume talks about growing up and Spoonboy packs it up.

To Do Today: Mary-Kate Olsen Is In Love, Holly Herndon, and Jedi Mind Tricks

Two outrageous comedies, a hip-hop revival act, and electronic music from the hills of Tennessee

To Do Today: The Woggles, Olivia Neutron-John, and Dreamers

See a huge painting before it gets destroyed and Olivia Neutron-John before the electronic act departs on a national tour.

To Do Today: Other Lives, Joe Ely, and Short Films About Shaw

Honky-tonk, Oklahoman alt-rock, and films about your neighborhood

To Do This Weekend: Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten, Impossible Light, and Obscura Day

Film screenings, a folk festival, and a trip beneath Dupont Circle

To Do Today: Jarry Inside Out, Death, and Louis Weeks

Dance to zydeco, laugh at local jokers, and take in a play about a mad surrealist.

Check Out Two Inch Astronaut’s Awesome Taylor Swift Cover

'Cause when you're 15 and somebody tells you they love you...

To Do Today: NSFW, the David Mayfield Parade, and Louder Than Quiet

Enjoy two new plays that find humor in dark and dreary circumstances.