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ToDo ToDay: Marion Barry, Michael Che, and Young Magic

Don’t expect any apologies out of Marion Barry. In his new memoir, Mayor for Life, the Ward 8 councilmember and four-term mayor sounds more concerned with how he’s been purportedly slimed by his many enemies than with making amends for how his personal failings soured his legacy. Mayor for Life is Barry from Barry’s point of view, with [...]

ToDo ToDay: “Once There Were Billions,” Guerilla Toss, and White Hinterland

Birds are our unlikely evolutionary connection to the dinosaurs that once ruled our earthly roost. While the great extinctions relegated the lizard kings to bones and oil, they live on in our collective imaginations. But modern avians have closer relatives that don’t get nearly as much attention: other birds who died off in the past [...]

ToDo ToDay: Vacationer and Pisco Wars

Vacationer claim to be the “Eastern Seaboard’s foremost relaxation specialists” in press materials, but the Philly- and Brooklyn-based group’s breezy Caribbean beats are just as infectious on a club’s dance floor as they are poolside. Inspired by lead singer/bassist Kenny Vasoli’s love of Polynesian and Tropicália records, Vacationer’s music bounces between light-hearted guitar riffs, dreamy [...]

ToDo ToDay: “Speculative Forms,” the New Retro, and Wreckless Eric

Observing sculpture poses a corporal challenge for clumsy people like me who may venture a little too close to the exhibited art. The Hirshhorn’s latest exhibition, "Speculative Forms," explores the history of 20th century sculpture—but it tosses out standard descriptors like “figurative” versus “abstract” and “still” versus “kinetic,” instead highlighting pieces that exist between those [...]

ToDo ToDay: Pixar in Concert, Alice Smith, and Punk Jews

Just like the plastic characters in Toy Story, the players in the National Symphony Orchestra appear slightly rigid on stage. But while the toys on screen move that way as a joke, the musicians gesture precisely to play their instruments with practiced skill. Tonight, the orchestra will loosen up and churn out familiar scores culled from more [...]

ToDo ToDay: Beau Willimon, the Felice Brothers, and Coconut Smoothies

When writers use the lede, “In a scene straight out of House of Cards…” to describe political intrigue in our fair city, the snake is eating its own tail: The show is based on the wheeling and dealing that now bears its name. Who is the snake charmer behind the series, holding a funhouse mirror to [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Secret Sisters, SALES, and AFI DOCS

Plucked straight from the days of front porch courtin’ and transistor radios, the Secret Sisters’ rootsy harmonies are unapologetically old school. The country/folk duo—real-life sisters Laura and Lydia Rogers—spin vivid tales of forced weddings and family feuds that are equal parts pride and passion. But while their music pays homage to a bygone era, the [...]

ToDo ToDay: Sharon Van Etten, Painted Palms, and a New Farmer’s Market

Vulnerability can be a tricky thing for a singer to manage; there’s always a risk of sounding too cloying, as if on the verge of emotional collapse. New Jersey’s Sharon Van Etten sounds vulnerable, but her voice comes with an air of defiance. Her most recent album, Are We There, is more ambitious in its lyrical [...]

ToDo ToDay: Six Americans, the Knocks, and Asher Roth

In addition to hosting touring musicals and ballet companies, the Kennedy Center cultivates young artists through partnerships with arts organizations nationwide. On Monday, six alumni of the National Endowment for the Arts’ Young Artists’ program will present original scenes that examine the program’s history and impact, as well as the performers’ understanding of American identity. [...]

ToDo ToDay: Fuck Buttons, Cody ChesnuTT, and Union BBQ

Fuck Buttons is an uncensored group—and that goes beyond FCC-fineable offenses. The duo from Bristol, England, creates mysterious electronic assaults that haunt listeners on its latest album, Slow Focus. Tracks like “Year of the Dog” are aural hellscapes decked in ominous choruses, manic strings, and pulsating synth tones. Despite the dark tone, the album retains a [...]