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One Track Mind: Nistha Raj’s Exit 1

Standout Track: No. 1, “Shivranjani,” from Exit 1, the debut album from Alexandria violinist Nistha Raj. The tune fuses a lulling classical North Indian melody with Wytold’s electric cello and the racing beatboxing and spoons of hip-hop artist Christylez Bacon, who fills the tabla role. “Christylez is very quick at picking up rhythms,” Raj writes [...]

D.C. Independent Film Festival: Brothers Hypnotic, Reviewed

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble is punk rock. Sure, the group of eight, including seven brothers, plays a New Orleans-style funk-jazz, not three-chord rock. But with their rejection of major-label money and their beat-up instruments, dented and duct taped from years of playing on the streets of Chicago and New York City, Hypnotic is more spiritually related [...]

One Track Mind: Cavale, Faults

Standout Track: No. 4, “Nazarene,” from Faults, the debut EP by D.C. duo Cavale. Petworth singer Meg Walsh, 25, and Mount Pleasant instrumentalist Jeffrey Prosser, 46, combine to make generations-spanning electronic torch songs that can sound like early Depeche Mode, industrial music, Portishead, and Burial within the span of a single tune. “That Meg and [...]

One Track Mind: Coup Sauvage and the Snips, “Sneaks”

Standout Track: No. 1, “Sneaks,” the A-side of the debut single by D.C. sextet Coup Sauvage and the Snips. The surname-sharing Maegan (beats), Jason (keyboards), Elizabeth (bass), Kristina (voice), and Crysta and Rain (background vox, aka the Snips) pull from ’70s disco, early ’80s electro-boogie, and ’90s Eurodance for an instant pop classic with some [...]

One Track Mind: Thee Lolitas, “Velvet Underwear”

Standout Track: No. 1, “Velvet Underwear,” from the new double 7-inch by D.C. garage-rock trio Thee Lolitas. All four songs on the EP—co-released by Fandango Records and Arnold Records—are manic rippers guaranteed to start a bar brawl. Just don’t go looking for deep meaning behind the tunes. “Panties,” says guitarist/barker Vlad Dolan when asked what [...]

Wintry Six: Local Metal Songs for True Winter

On our warming planet, winter as we once knew it has begun to wane. The lead-up to humanity’s demise is likely to involve unseasonal heat waves that melt your soul punctuated by devastating ice storms that freeze any hope of survival.
Will you accept your fate, allowing the tempestuous skies to batter your limbic system, torment [...]

One Track Mind: Nitemoves, Themes

Standout Track: No. 6, “Ashe,” from Themes, the second album from Columbia Heights’ Rory O’Connor, aka Nitemoves. The whole LP is filled with soft-edged electronica, but “Ashe” has a particularly sparse and lovely ambiance—and it was almost lost. “The project file got corrupted so I had to make do with a previous monotape bounce,” says [...]

One Track Mind: Baby Bry Bry, Is It Anything or Is it Everything?

Standout Track: No. 1, “Hear, My Dear,” from Petworth’s Baby Bry Bry, aka 23-year-old Bryan Gerhart. The opening song of the five-track Is It Anything or Is It Everything? EP is a two-chord bedroom-pop charmer that features a rap section by D.C. MC Parabellum. The song is also built on surprising source material: “[A] sample [...]

One Track Mind: G-Flux, “Ritmo Universal”

Standout Track: Side A, “Ritmo Universal,” a nu-cumbia cut from NoMa resident Gustavo Naranjo, aka G-Flux. The reggae-leaning track from his new 7-inch—the first local release on Arlington-via-Brooklyn label Electric Cowbell—features vocals from cumbiatronica stars El Comanche and Larry Mon of Guadalajara’s Los Master Plus. (The song also appears on his album, G-Sound.) “I knew [...]

One Track Mind: Jail Solidarity, Any Space, Whatever

Standout Track: No. 4, “Resume Power,” from D.C.’s Jail Solidarity. The trio’s powerful debut recording, Any Space, Whatever, is a four-song cassette/digital EP that’s 25 minutes of sludgy doom. On “Resume Power,” about the Fukushima disaster in Japan, the guitars start clean before exploding in the chorus as drummer Kristin Eliason, 29, and guitarist and [...]