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Private Lives at Shakespeare Theatre Company, Reviewed

A star vehicle without stars, Shakespeare Theatre Company’s revival of Noel Coward’s Private Lives is more airily amusing than D.C. audiences might be inclined to expect. This comedy of marital manners, scribbled during a four-day bout of flu as a treat for Coward’s muse, Gertrude Lawrence, has mostly seen earthbound productions hereabouts. Joan Collins headlined [...]

The Normal Art: Reflecting on the Revolution—and Eventual Sublimation—of Gay Theater in D.C.

The Gay Issue

At the D.C. Eagle, 42 years of leather daddies and good vibes
Meet Ruby Corado, D.C.'s most persistent trans activist
Holy gender politics, Batman!
Your most fabulous Pride Week ever

“Just imagine this world without queens in it,” shudders cross-dressing New Orleans decorator Candy Delaney in a 1957 opus by Tennessee Williams.
“It would be absolutely barbaric.”
Williams penned those [...]

DruidMurphy’s Nine-and-a-Half-Hour Irish Theater Marathon: Epic! But Survivable

Saturday, Oct. 20: I’m attending the all-day, nine-and-a-half-hour marathon DruidMurphy, a trio of plays (Conversations on a Homecoming, A Whistle in the Dark, and Famine) by Irish playwright Tom Murphy performed in rep by the Druid Theatre Company at the Eisenhower Theater. I considered seeing the three plays on three weeknights, but parking three times [...]

Are D.C. Theaters Playing It Too Safe?

In March, the Washington Post's chief theater critic, Peter Marks, lamented that the 2012-2013 seasons of several large D.C.-area companies—among them Signature Theatre, the Kennedy Center, and Arena Stage—were too reliant on such chestnuts as My Fair Lady and Dreamgirls. "The clear bet theaters are making is that these shows will be far easier to market, [...]

Twelfth Night in Russian, Reviewed

A Russian-language Three Sisters is one thing, but Twelfth Night? I’m going to guess I wasn’t alone in attending the Chekhov Festival’s exquisitely comic Shakespearean attraction last week more intrigued by its all-male casting than by the prospect of hearing “if music be the food of love” rendered as “Yesli muzyka budet pishcha lyubvi.”
Synetic Theater’s [...]