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Ben Affleck’s Iran Hostage Crisis Movie Shooting in Area This Week

Argo, an upcoming action film directed by and starring Ben Affleck, is filming in D.C. today and tomorrow and will move to the Northern Virginia suburbs later this week. The movie, Affleck's third as director, takes place in the earliest days of the Iran hostage crisis when a CIA team successfully extracted six Americans from [...]

The Incredible Shrinking Critic (According to Michael Kaiser)

Whither critics? Michael Kaiser apparently thinks so. The Kennedy Center president, in his latest Huffington Post column, declares that "arts criticism has become a participatory activity rather than a spectator sport." Uh oh, looks like the netizens are out for our jobs!
Or are they? In lamenting what he sees as a decline in top-notch arts [...]

A Movie Theater Under Dupont Circle?

From Housing Complex:
It's been more than a year since the public last heard from the folks who want to build out the Dupont Underground, the 100,000-square-foot space underneath Connecticut Avenue that was once used as a trolley tunnel. With so much silence from such an ambitious project, it's easy to worry that the thing might [...]

“It’s Not Always About Death”: Werner Herzog on Making Into the Abyss

Werner Herzog has never shied away from baring his opinions directly to his documentaries' subjects or their audiences. In 2007's Encounters at the End of the World, he openly questions arctic researchers about their presence at the South Pole, clearly disdainful of the reach of industrialized society. So it is no surprise that in his [...]

Hearing Runs Gamut on Film Office, but Popcorn Tax Is Still Unpopular

The D.C. Council's Committee on Small and Local Business Development yesterday held a top-to-bottom hearing on the operations and objectives of the Office of Motion Picture and Television Development. Although the panel's chairman, Vincent Orange, D-At Large, called the proceeding a "roundtable" two issues stuck out: the financial status of the film office's incentive program [...]

Arts Roundup: The TV Is Angry Edition

Dept. of Future Releases: Sockets Records tweeted at the world yesterday that two of its bands—noisemakers Imperial China and space-punks Buildings—turned in their albums this week. Both, Imperial China's third album, How We Connect, and Buildings' first LP, should be out next Jan. 28.
Cluster-Eastwood-fuck: TBD's Jenny Rogers landed on the red carpet for last night's Newseum premiere [...]

Arts Roundup: Quaffing the Rhone Edition

Obligatory Shit About Yeezy and Hova: Were you at the Verizon Center last night? I wasn't. But WaPo's Chris Richards was, and I'm sure there will be plenty more write-ups before the day is through. So, you know, envy.
This Guy: Huffington Post DC blogger Ben E. Kessler is back with another silly missive about the [...]

Cut-Rate Tickets Are Big Deal for Shakespeare Theatre Company

Shakespeare Theatre Company has some tickets to unload for its upcoming production of Much Ado About Nothing. LivingSocial members woke up this morning to an email offering deep discounts on tickets to the Ethan McSweeney-directed show, which transplants Edward de Vere's Shakespeare's—sorry, I couldn't resist—comedy from Sicily to 1930s Cuba.
Cut-rate deals like this can lure [...]

Arts Roundup: Tony LaRussa Edition

Solo Lally: From his home in Italy, Fugazi expat Joe Lally talks to the Riverfront Times of St. Louis about life as a solo artist. The interview is nothing shattering, just mostly about how nice it is to live in Italy and a little about being a "guy from Fugazi." Of the latter, the bassist said: [...]

Fall Fringe Music Lineup Is, Well, Suitably Fringey

One of the hallmarks of Capital Fringe, however unpleasant, is the time spent on those sweltering nights on New York Avenue NW underneath the festival's Baldacchino Gypsy Tent, trying to drink away the thick, punishing heat. And sometimes, the booze isn't enough, but a band playing in the next room might ease the swampy brutality [...]