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St. Vincent at Black Cat

Annie Clark of St. Vincent has two stage presences:  she is either wide-eyed, with an expressionless, impenetrable stare or releases her limbs into a musical collapse, swaying in unity with her guitar but being someplace else entirely. Her set Friday night at the Black Cat oscillated between these two energies, delicate stoicism and cathartic commotion.

Ponytail at Kay Spiritual Center

Baltimore's zany art-proggers Ponytail enlivened the Kay Spiritual Center Saturday night with their signature primal shrieks and enchanting melodic commotion.

New Track from Wale

Wale, D.C.'s premier hip-hop wonder, leaked "Nightlife" today on his blog. The song is off his upcoming mixtape, Back to the Future, a collaboration with local rapper/producer 9th Wonder. It's slated to drop spring 2009. "Nightlife" features Philly's Young Chris of Young Gunz and gives a shout out to the 44th President.
I mack hard, set [...]

Death Cab vs. Kanye

Why were Ben Gibbard and his fellow Death Cabbers donning electric blue ribbons on their lapels at Sunday's Grammy Awards?  To launch a campaign against Kanye West's darling studio trick, of course.

New Grizzly Bear Album …

Thank god for Twitter. How else would bloggers find out the name and production stage of Grizzly Bear's new album if Ed Droste wasn't tweeting away the details?

Q&A: Animals as Leaders

Tosin Abasi cuts a dapper figure in his wardrobe of boutique high-fashion pieces and thrifted vintage finds. You'd never guess that this chic and modern man is the brainchild behind the ruthless instrumental shred project Animals as Leaders. Even many of Abasi's friends are unaware of his latest undertaking–this D.C. guitar virtuoso told City Paper [...]

Lykke Li @ Sixth and I

Electro-pop soul singer Lykki Li began her U.S. tour at the Sixth and I Historical Synagogue Saturday night. Her lascivious taunts and synth vibrations roused the crowd from pew-sitting to aisle-dancing.

Dirty Projectors NYE Photos

The Dirty Projectors weren't in DC this New Years, but I followed them to Manhattan where they played an all-star show curated by Akron/Family. What better way to usher in 2009 than with Dave Longstreth's prowling stage presence and oscillating vibrato?

Interview: Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy and OhGr

Canadian Nivek Ogre, the mastermind behind cult industrial icons Skinny Puppy, now performs under the moniker OhGR with former Skinny Puppy member Mark Walks. OhGR is like a darker, less explosive (literally) continuation of Skinny Puppy. If you donned green tights and black eye shadow to Skinny Puppy shows, you’ll be happy to know that [...]

Interview: Vampire Weekend

Finding words to describe Vampire Weekend seems futile, since they've become the A-list blog stars of 2008. But in case your Internet has been disconnected since January, Vampire Weekend is the project of four Columbia-educated Upper West Side turned Brooklynites who play intoxicating indie pop imbued with Afro-beat inspired soukous rhythms and melodies. The band's [...]