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Some Conflicting Thoughts About Dave Foley

Dave Foley is performing four stand-up shows at the Arlington Drafthouse on July 15 and 16.
It's part of his deadbeat dad tour: Foley, who is Canadian, owes some half-million dollars in back child support to his two teenage children in Canada. According to published reports, he has another ongoing obligation of $17,000 (Canadian) more per [...]

Agnes Bolt Is Smelling Ripe After Almost A Week In The Plexiglass Bubble

Agnes Bolt is smelling a little ripe. It’s hard not to notice the ripeness once you start crawling through the blue tube that gets you into the small plexiglass installation—sort of like a human-sized hamster cage, without the running wheel— in the middle of Philippa Hughes’ living room in her apartment just off U Street [...]

Philippa Hughes Has an Artist Living in a Plastic Bubble in Her Apartment

On May 8, artist Agnes Bolt moved into the Pink Line Project founder's Philippa Hughes's Northwest apartment. More to the point, Bolt is living in a plastic bubble in the middle of Hughes's living space for a week. According to the blog they've set up to document their project, the two will be "playfully explor[ing] [...]

Sunday: 10-Year-Old Trumpet Prodigy Plays a Free Show

Ten-year-old trumpeter Geoff Gallante is playing a free concert of jazz standards on May 1, at 4 p.m., at the Heritage Presbyterian Church in Alexandria. Jean Baptiste will be playing piano, Michael Bowie will be playing bass, and Harold Summey will be on the drums at the show.
Since first picking up the trumpet at the [...]

For The Nobis, Home Is Where the Hemp Is

A little over a month ago, Emi Kashiwara, 29, and her pink-mohawked fiancé MP, 38, were living in a hundred-year-old house in Tochigi, a mountainous prefecture about an hour north of Tokyo. Life was good: Their band, The Nobis, was playing at raves and clubs every weekend in Tokyo and elsewhere; they had a sponsorship from [...]

Puppets, Donkeys, and Social Justice

Bring on the left-wing life-sized donkey puppets: The D.C. social justice and puppets collective Puppet Underground has two events this week.
On Thursday, at the Trinity AME Zion Church 3505 16th St NW, the group is hosting "The Flying Donkey Cabaret: An Evening of Impossible Cardboard and Brass Entertainments." It's a progressive puppet show featuring junky trombones [...]

Breastfeeding Moms Plan “Nurse-In” at the Hirshhorn

There'll be more than art on display at the Hirshhorn on Saturday.
From 10 a.m. until noon, breastfeeding moms—and their babies—will be taking part in a "nurse-in." The protest comes in response to an incident at the end of January, when a nursing mother was told by two security guards she couldn't nurse publicly in the [...]

Rand in D.C.: An Objectivist Art Tour of the Smithsonian’s Norman Rockwell Exhibit

Luc Travers is an Objectivist art critic—an Objectivist art critic who leads $30 art-appreciation tours for other Objectivists (sometimes non-Objectivists, too). You’d think he’d hate the Norman Rockwell exhibit currently on view at the Smithsonian American Art Museum—not for snobby reasons, but on principle.
“I love Norman Rockwell,” says Travers, who is half-French, green-eyed, soft-spoken, and [...]

Q&A: Layne Garrett’s Tunnel of Love

Tomorrow at 4 p.m. you can join 184 of your fellow experimental music lovers—although some may just be experimental-curious—in a tunnel off the Capital Crescent Trail to record noise that will be mixed into 1.8 second sound loops. The loops will be included on a compilation that will benefit the annual Sonic Circuits music festival.
Layne [...]

Sonic Circuits Needs Your Dollar—and Your Infinite Sound Loops

Do you like musical adventures? Do you like endless loops? Per an intriguing e-mail I received this morning, from a local experimental musician who didn't sign his name: "on sunday may 23, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, 185 people will gather in a tunnel running beneath the c&o canal near georgetown. there we will make [...]