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Cara Cottle Trial: Cottle, Charged in Murder of Dirk Smiler, Granted $50,000 Bond

After a lengthy preliminary hearing in Caralee Cottle's trial for the murder of Dirk Smiler, Cottle has been granted bond and could be released as soon as today. During the probable cause hearing in Fairfax's Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, Cottle's attorney, Peter Greenspun, asked that his motion for [...]

Leitko Selected for Best Music Writing 2010

"The Orange Line Revolution," Aaron Leitko's December 2009 story about punk houses in Arlington, has been selected for inclusion in Best Music Writing 2010. The piece takes a look at Kansas House, as well as some group homes associated with local indie labels and movements, such as Dischord, Simple Machines, and Positive Force. As Leitko [...]

Alex Chilton Is Dead

That's what the New York Times is reporting. He was 59.

Why Was Mark Linkous’ Age “Unknown”?

Mark Linkous from Sparklehorse died this weekend, and initial reports gave his age only as being "in his forties." Caryn Ganz, who broke the news late Saturday for Rolling Stone, told me that Linkous' publicist/manager, Shelby Meade, told her his age "wasn't released."
Entertainment Weekly went with a very similar formulation to Ganz's: "Linkous, who [...]

Reviewed: Rocío Molina at Lisner, Feb. 14

Rocío Molina's hands snap sometimes when she unfurls her arms, a punctuation I didn't expect. Flamenco's usually fluid motions aren't the only one of the art form's conventions that she's discarded—gone, too, are cartoonish sexuality and a sense that you're watching folk art. This is precise stuff, and Oro Viejo, the program about aging and [...]

What Does the Washington Post Have Against Vintage Indie Rock?

Petula Dvorak's kids are bored. (So are mine! I hear you!) A friend suggested a Lady Gaga dance party. "We did that, only it was to the Descendants," she writes in her column today.
First the Smiths, now this! Will somebody buy the copy desk a Trouser Press?

D.C. Punk Vets Record Prog-Rock Song to Promote Novel

Note: This post requires a disclosure as vast and sprawling as the song it is ostensibly about.
Some people record six-minute-long prog-rock epics because they want to infuse Gilgamesh with the power of electric guitars. And others do it because their novel has just come out in paperback.
When my friend Jeffrey Rotter entered a Brooklyn studio [...]

The Sleigher: Kathy Griffin’s Suckin’ It for the Holidays

HO HO WHO: Self-styled spitfire Griffin makes what LOOKS like a holiday CD, and if you were saving up a bunch of holiday CDs for months, you might think it IS a holiday CD rather than put it straight in your sell pile, where you might have made SOMETHING off this while you still could. [...]

The Sleigher: Sting’s If on a Winter’s Night

HO HO WHO: This is not a Christmas album! It is an album about winter. That is what Sting says in the album's unbearably smug and prolix notes, and he has a nice house in Tuscany where Euro folkies gather while his dog Compass watches the proceedings. You do not get a life like this [...]

Memorial Gathering for Jerry Fuchs in Brooklyn This Thursday

There'll be a memorial for Jerry Fuchs, drumming prodigy and marvelous human who died early Sunday morning in a freak accident, this Thursday evening from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. at Enid's in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Enid's was one of Jerry's old haunts and will be an appropriate spot to say goodbye. Below the jump, a [...]